What Workout Is Best For Me?

by | Oct 5, 2022

What Workout Is Best For Me

We are different: personalities, lifestyles, diets, goals, and many more. If we are so clear that everyone is different, why do we train the same way?

Looking for the best workout for you may sound absurd, but it is right. The Mindbody wellness app has researched that one type of workout works better for each personality type than another.

It would be better to stick to the best workout suitable for you, and it’s not just about which one you enjoy the most but about the one that suits you better. It will cost you more physical effort with fewer results in the former case.  

What Workout Is Best For You? 

We have prepared this quick test to find the best workout for you. This test opens the doors to your personality type and the exercises that will work best for you. 

Keep reading and answer the questions that will significantly change your workout sessions.

The Test

1. Sunday is here, and you want to move a little. What interests you more?

  • A . Have a soccer party with some friends.
  • B. Exercise a little at home and, if needed, go running alone.

2. It’s time to train. What are you doing?

  • A. I call a friend or two to do it as a group.
  • B. I prefer to score a solo.

3. Your ideal place to exercise is?

  • A. The gym, I love the atmosphere and experience.
  • B. The privacy of my house or, at best, the park.

4. You enter the machine room of the gym, and there are quite a few people around.

  • A. As long as there’s a machine for me, I think it’s cool. This motivates me more.
  • B. I look for the farthest corner. I hate being watched while doing sports.

5. In the dressing room, you are more likely to be?

  • A. It doesn’t matter to me precisely; whoever passes by sees me.
  • B. It’s not for nothing, but I prefer to cover myself with a towel and finish quickly and discreetly.

Test Summary Answers

Majority of A: Extrovert

Your best workout needs three ingredients: activity, challenge, and people. When your routine combines all three, your body will respond better than ever, and you’ll see results faster.

The best exercises for you combine teamwork and high intensity, like CrossFit or Bootcamp. Bootcamp or CrossFit one is a very demanding military training for civilians that, since you don’t have a group around you as annoyed as you, you will leave after 10 minutes. Of course, it is the key to getting in shape in no time.

If you want to lose weight but are not ready for something so hard, a class organized in a dance key would be great for you. They are usually entertaining and social.

Majority of B: Introverted

Not everyone likes to share the sweats of training, and you are a living example. Your training will likely suffer if you find yourself in a hostile environment that makes you uncomfortable, so avoid them.

One of the best exercise options you can do is HIIT. A high-intensity workout will help you burn calories in record time, and you can do it in your home.

If you prefer something calmer, you can try yoga or pilates. Yes, they are classes, but you are in your personal space and don’t have to stand in the middle of the room if you don’t want to. It’s easy to forget that you have people around you while working on your agility and strength.


Knowing the best exercise for you starts with understanding your personality. We have mentioned a simple test to determine your personality and plan your workout according to what fits.   

Interested in learning more about how we can help your employee population improve their steps and sleep while reducing burnout?

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