Boost Student 
Wellness and 
Reduce Burnout

BetterYou is the award-winning student wellness solution that can cut down on burnout and drop out rates.

A female student in cap and gown - graduating and hugging her mother

Students Are Burning Out

More than 40% of currently enrolled college students have considered dropping out. Most cited mental health issues as the driving factor.

BetterYou helps students find more time in the day for health and wellness

More than 2,000 students at Florida International University got more sleep, learning time, and socialization with BetterYou.

22 more minutes of sleep per day

9 more minutes per day of talking with top people

27% increase in daily steps

How BetterYou Improves 
Student Wellness Programs

We asked wellness leaders how BetterYou has improved their student wellness programs. Here’s what they had to say.

Improve Student Wellness Today

Help your students better their physical and mental health to keep them on their education journey. 

Scientifically Proven Results

BetterYou partnered with Stanford University to run a six-week randomized controlled trial with Stanford students.

A bar graph showing stats from a randomized control trial.
A bar graph showing stats from a randomized control trial.