Stay Healthy at Home

by | Sep 10, 2020

stay healthy at home

Work from home has become increasingly the norm and adapting to this new work-life balance can be tricky. While this arrangement can benefit your mental and physical wellbeing, it can also be detrimental to your health. It’s important to know how to stay healthy at home. 

Separate home and work space

Work and life often bleed into each other when your workspace is also your living space. Your brain needs a clear signal that it’s time to work or time to relax. If the sofa you watch tv from is the same sofa you’re now trying to work from, your brain will have a hard time knowing what it’s supposed to do. Choose a specific place in your home that’s exclusively for work activities. Even if your living space is small, dedicating a specific chair for work is all it takes to help your brain adapt to this separation of work and life. Your productivity will improve and you are more likely to stay healthy at home. 

Take regular breaks

Working from morning to night without breaks is easy when work and life are fluid. Technology allows us to be constantly connected and it’s hard to shut it off. Be intentional about taking breaks during the day. Set a timer that reminds you to get up and move around. Whenever possible, step outside and breathe the fresh air. Take a quick walk to clear your head or take your meetings on-the-go to reduce your time staring at a computer screen. These regular movement breaks are important to stay healthy at home.  

Turn off electronic devices

Set regular work hours. When your work day is done, turn off your computer. While it’s tempting to sneak a peek at emails or add just a little something to a project, doing so is a slippery slope. To stay healthy at home, you need to create distinct boundaries between work and home. It may always feel like there’s more to do in both places, so the temptation to blend the two is very real. Shutting off your computer establishes a good habit of separating the two and can make you more focused and productive in both spaces. 

Eat without distraction

Rather than using your mealtime to scroll through your phone, opt for a distraction free meal. Use meal times to unplug. Take three deep breaths before you eat to reduce stress and improve digestion. Eat slowly and notice the flavors of your food. This intentional adjustment to how you eat can lead to significant changes to your mealtime habits. Mindful eating leads to better food choices and reduced amounts as you begin to taste and recognize the quality and quantity of your meals. Stay healthy at home by choosing to slow down and enjoy your meals. 

The work from home and remote working environments may be here to stay as even large corporations are making the shift to this new work arrangement. Creating a separate work space, taking regular breaks, turning off electronics, and eating without distraction are some of the ways you can stay healthy at home in this new era.   

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