College Student Wellness Goals

by | Sep 10, 2020

college student wellness goals

Success in college depends heavily on the wellbeing of students. The Gallup organization has identified five specific areas that lead to higher reported levels of thriving in work and life when they’re supported. Here are some examples of college student wellness goals that would support the ability to thrive. 

Physical Wellness

  1. Schedule movement into your routine. Treat exercise like a class by blocking off the days and times you are going to workout and don’t skip it.
  2. Choose whole foods over processed. Most college cafeterias offer a selection of healthy choices, including salad bars. Opt for these when possible.
  3. Meditate or tend to your spiritual life. Reduce stress by focusing on your breath and your inner self every day.
  4. Aim for 7 hours of sleep. Prioritizing sleep is a must on the list of college student wellness goals because its quality and quantity impacts everything about the day ahead. 
  5. Limit alcohol consumption. Choose in advance how much you will drink when attending gatherings and alternate alcohol with glasses or water.

Social Wellness

  1. Check in with your family members. Make a regular “date” with your parents, siblings, or someone else who can support you when you’re away from home. 
  2. Choose your friends wisely. The people who surround us are the most influential people in our lives, so make sure they reflect the person you want to be.  
  3. Get to know one of your professors. Student engagement is positively impacted by the experience with faculty, so pursue conversations with a professor you respect.
  4. Use health and mental health services. If you’re feeling badly, physically or emotionally, seek a professional through the resources available on campus.
  5. Limit time on social media. Reducing FOMO and social discontent is another impactful  (but sometimes difficult!) option on the list of college student wellness goals.

Career Wellness

  1. Investigate career options. Learn as much as you can about possible career paths with your chosen major and select classes to support future opportunities.
  2. Network with alumni. Use LinkedIn or Career Services to connect to others who are working in the industry to give you a headstart on future employment.
  3. Take a variety of assessments. Learn more about yourself through tools like CliftonStrengths and Myers Briggs to support your career and life planning. 
  4. Do at least one internship. Getting real experience in a field you’re interested in is time well spent making decisions about and inroads with future employers.  
  5. Do your homework. Building your work ethic now by doing your assignments and doing them on time is a profitable college student wellness goal.

Community Wellness

  1. Serve in your local community. Volunteer your time at a local business or community organization that resonates with you. 
  2. Join a campus club. Get to know like minded students by finding an on campus organization to enhance your college experience.  
  3. Work on campus. Spend time getting to know your school as a student employee. 
  4. Attend campus sporting events. Fuel your school spirit by donning the colors and cheering for the home team!
  5. Get to know your neighbors. Invest time in those around you, whether with others who live on your floor or local community neighbors. 

Financial Wellness

  1. Limit eating out. Use your meal plan if you have one or make food in your living space to reduce the expense of restaurant meals.
  2. Work a job. Even a few hours a week of employment will go a long way to supporting the expenses you have while in college. 
  3. Only spend what you make. If you use a credit card, make sure you can pay off the balance each month and if you can’t, skip the purchase. 
  4. Choose experiences over material things. Gallup research reports stronger financial wellbeing among those who spend on experiences instead of material items, so opt to save for and spend on these opportunities.
  5. Give to those in need. Generosity is another college student wellness goal that leads to  higher levels of wellbeing. 

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