How To Stop Being Lazy

by | Oct 28, 2022

how to stop being lazy

Laziness is normal, and we can sometimes get lazy at some point. But it is always important to make conscious efforts to avoid it by creating good habits that help us stay organized, focused, and motivated. Through goal setting and self-regulation, a lazy person will be motivated and able to achieve goals that will help build the necessary habits to avoid laziness. 

Here are simple habits to combat laziness!

1. Avoid the Critics

When you feel that you are too lazy and have not been doing anything productive, self-criticism only leads to feeling more guilty. So, to feel motivated, it is better to focus on everything you need to do and how to start giving it action.

2. Start With Small Steps

Sometimes the hardest thing is to start. So start by taking small steps forward. Dedicate short times of 10 or 15 minutes to your daily activities, be it exercising, reading, cleaning, or any other thing. 

According to science, more than 40% of our daily actions do not arise from conscious decisions but are the product of habits.

3. Self Regulation

It implies that you must self-monitor to combat the negative influences that induce you to be lazy and prevent you from creating good habits. Self-regulation is difficult because it requires a lot of self-control, but its contribution can be very significant.

4. Objectives

The simple fact of setting a goal increases the chances that you will carry it out by 20 or 30%, says a study. Setting a goal is key to staying motivated. 

5. The Most Important Thing In The First Hour Of Your Day

Break the task down into small steps and start them first thing in the morning. Doing it this way will give you a more positive perception of your day and make you feel much more motivated to continue on that path for the rest of the day. Starting the day like this is much better than waking up, checking email or Facebook, and only starting with important tasks 30 minutes later.

6. Work With Small Rest Breaks

Taking small breaks in between helps you to be more focused and faster. For example, tell yourself, “I’m going to work 20 minutes and cut 5 minutes.” In this way, one will feel more energetic and more motivated to achieve quality work in that time.

7. Close Escape Routes Temporarily

When you decide to sit down to do a job, do it away from the cell phone, the television control, or any other factor that could distract you.

8. Make A List With The Negative And Positive Aspects To Renew Motivation

It can be uncomfortable, but trying to see the negative consequences can boost your motivation to put positive change in motion.

9. The Mess Of Your Life

Find your priorities and the activities that are most important for your day. Next, discuss what you can eliminate, minimize, or perhaps delegate.

According to a study, acquiring and consolidating a habit can take between 18 and 254 days.

10. It’s Good to Stumble From Time to Time

Overcoming the fear of failure and seeing it as a learning experience is a good way to be more constructive and kind to yourself.

11. Look For Good Examples to Follow

The people around us have a great influence on us. If you hang out with lazy people, it will be easier to adapt to that state of mind and way of thinking. But if you spend more time with motivated people, these people will also influence your thinking and mood.

12. Appreciate and Enjoy Your Downtime

The time you spend relaxing and making yourself happy allows you to recharge your batteries. The problem is that spending much time like this can be unhealthy. Still, spending a moderate amount of idle time has its benefits. Also, when you spend your leisure time in a way that you enjoy, you will feel more motivated and have more energy to return to work later.

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