Positive Affirmations for the New Year

by | Jan 11, 2022

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What are positive affirmations? In a previous article covered by BetterYou, “Affirmations are daily reinforcements that when repeated often can help change how you perceive something. Affirmations can help improve your performance at work, lower stress, and combat low self-esteem and negative self-perception.” You can make it one of your New Year’s resolutions to do three to five minutes of positive affirmations every morning or every night. This is something that will help with confidence and may even benefit your communication skills. 

Affirmations to Try

“This year is a good year, I am worthy of a good year.” 

“This year is a clean slate for me.” 

“I deserve love, happiness, and lasting friendships.”

“My body is a temple and I will treat it right this year.” 

“Even if I lose sight of my goals, I will get back on track.” 

“I am beautiful, smart, and strong.” 

“I believe this year that I will become stronger, smarter, and worry less.”

“I leave all of my negativity in 2021, and move forward in 2022.” 

“I am a good parent and I will become an even better one this year.” 

“I am worthy of growth and I know it is important to never stop growing.” 

Write and Recite

You can write down and recite your affirmations every day. Positive affirmations and manifestation correlate between one another if you are interested in practicing both. However, practicing daily affirmations can benefit you and your mental health in a variety of ways. You can look up affirmations or you can make up your own! You can do this with your kids, spouse, siblings, friends or even your parents. Bring in the new year on a positive note and practice some positive affirmations today!

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