The Practice of Positive Affirmations
Doreen Nyamwaya
positive affirmations

The upkeep of our mental health and self-perception is key in our human development, but how can we do this on a daily basis? Just like we exercise daily to maintain our physical health, or practice a skill to become better, we can do the same for our mental well-being. 

Practicing daily positive affirmations is an excellent way to do this daily upkeep. Affirmations are daily reinforcements that when repeated often can help change how you perceive something. Affirmations can help improve your performance at work, lower stress, and combat low self-esteem and negative self-perception.

When practicing affirmations, it’s best to pair them with other positive thoughts about the situation. Another great way to make your affirmations more effective is by visualizing them. Writing them down on a daily basis adds another level of reinforcement that makes that affirmation that much more real to you!

It is necessary to identify which areas you want to focus on, this is different depending on the individual. Ove you’ve identified the area you can begin your affirmation journey. It may feel weird at first but the more often you do it the less awkward you will feel. The goal is to have a positive view of your situation when all is said and done!

Examples of affirmations

  • I am happy
  • I enjoy the team I work with
  • I deserve the success that is coming to me
  • I am a good friend
  • I respect myself 
  • I am a good listener
  • I’m excellent at my job

There are no limits to the affirmations you can do! The ball is in your court and you have control.

Happy affirming 😊

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