How to (Actually) Achieve Your 2022 Goals
Monica Segeren
2022 goals

It’s New Year’s Eve and you are pondering on what you want to achieve in 2022, and you realized that you did not do the things that you wanted to do in 2021. However, in light of the pandemic, I think we all have a valid excuse on why much did not get done during this past year. 2022 is a new year – hopefully a brighter, less chaotic year to achieve our goals and focus on our wellness. What can we do to ensure that we achieve our 2022 goals? Maybe you want to eat less takeout, learn a hobby, or even start your own business. Here are some tips and tricks to stay motivated throughout the entire year and not just the first couple of weeks. 

Make Your Goals a Priority 

When it comes to motivation, it often stems from how much we make things a priority in our lives. Say that you want to journal every day to document your life for the next year, if you do not set a designated time to do it—there is more of a chance that you will forget to do it. One day will pass by, then two, then a week and you try to do it again and the same thing happens. Make it your priority. Tell yourself: “I will journal every morning before I look at my phone” or “I will journal every night once I put the kids to bed.” If you are more time orientated, set a designated time for yourself to do it. 

Reward Yourself

A reward system is something fun that you can do as an adult and even makes it fun! The most common reward system is for someone that is trying to lose weight. If you lose five pounds, buy a new pack of socks. If you lose twenty pounds, buy a new workout outfit. So on and so forth, and you can tailor the reward system to your individual likes and needs. For the goals that seem impossible, reward yourself with a present that will make you want to work harder. The most important thing to remember is to write down the rewards in advance. Do not plan as you go–which takes us back to the first point…make your goals a priority. 

Have Accountability 

Whether you join a support group online, have your friend participate with you, or have a third party mediator there to coach you…have accountability. You are more likely to have success in achieving your goals if someone else is there and cheering you on. When it gets hard and you want to quit, they will also be there for you when times get hard. Have a support system because all goals, both big and small, can be overwhelming from time to time. There is no shame in reaching out for help. 

You Got This! 

Remember that this is a new year and it is a clean slate for your goals and achievements. Setting and sticking to goals will not always be an easy ride,  it especially depends on the depth of the goals and if you have time limits on them. However, the team at BetterYou is here cheering you on and we believe in you. 2022 is going to be your year!

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