Outdoor Exercise Ideas

by | Jul 12, 2021

outdoor exercise ideas

Traditional gym workouts are a year-round option, whether in a dedicated fitness facility or at-home. When the weather allows, working out in the great outdoors is an appealing option, especially for those in harsh winter climates. If you’re for something new, here are some outdoor exercise ideas to stay fit outside. 


Warm weather is a perfect time to take your indoor ride outside. Biking is an outdoor exercise idea that may return you to your childhood roots of long-summer days exploring the neighborhood with friends. The fresh air and a great trail combine for the perfect combination of exercise to boost your physical and emotional health. Biking is a low-impact outdoor exercise that improves balance, posture, and coordination


Moving your treadmill workout outdoors is a great option during warmer weather months. In months that are more brisk, a quick walk in the cold air can revitalize your body, mind, and spirit in ways an indoor workout cannot. For an outdoor exercise idea that’s more challenging, consider alternating 30-60 second sprints (or a faster paced walk) with 60 second slower recovery intervals to experience the full benefits of walking as exercise.


For a great upper body outdoor exercise idea, try kayaking. The health benefits of kayaking include stronger lats, abs, and arms while reducing stress. The rhythmic motion of this activity while gliding on the water is relaxing and peaceful. The influence of nature on our wellbeing is a well documented solution to improve our physical and emotional health. When the weather allows it, you can enjoy kayaking well into the cooler fall months, too, and take in the changing beauty of the season.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

If you’re looking for an outdoor exercise idea that engages the whole body, give stand-up paddleboarding a try. This total body workout hits your arms, shoulders, back, abs, quads, and knees and relies on them working together to provide a great experience atop the water. In addition, it’s a great low-impact activity. No two workouts are the same as you traverse shifting tides and new routes in the waterway of your choice.  

Circuit Training

Who says your indoor workout has to stay indoors? Change up your routine by moving your normal workout outside. Many of the same movements you do indoors can work as an outdoor exercise, too. Plan your outdoor workout in advance. Get creative by attaching bands to trees or posts, use playground equipment as your chin-up bar, or try squats and lunges on a sandy beach. This re-imagined workout will challenge your muscles differently and make your old workout feel new again. 


By adding hills and lesser navigated pathways to your traditional walk, hiking becomes a great outdoor exercise idea. The uneven terrain, hills and valleys, and immersion in nature combines for a great workout. Carry a backpack with plenty of water and a few layers you can add or shed as the weather body temperature changes. This extra weight provides a beneficial boost to your workout as well by challenging your legs and cardio endurance.  

Outdoor exercise ideas are plentiful and offer a welcome change of scenery to an ordinary indoor workout. Try one of our suggestions and let us know how it goes!

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