The Influence of Nature on our Well Being

by | Dec 21, 2020

nature well being

By Rashidul Amin

Do you know that being in nature for even a few minutes can relieve us from stress? Being in the presence of nature can change your mood, nervous system and even your immune system.

Regardless of how old you are or what culture you belong to, mother nature always helps humankind. So, in this article, we are going to talk about exactly how nature can positively influence your well-being. Read below to know more about the power of nature. 

1. Nature can heal you 

The most amazing thing about nature is it can heal you from everything. When you are in nature, you can get rid of anger, fear, and most importantly stress. Nature can increase the feel-good factor within you. You will feel better emotionally if you are in nature. Nature can also make you healthy by decreasing your blood pressure level, muscle tension, heart rate, and stress hormones. 

2. Nature can soothe you

When you are close to nature, you’ll likely feel more peaceful and at ease. Nature can be a way to escape from the stress of daily life by taking a brief walk outdoors. 

3. Nature can restore your mental health. 

According to one research report, 95% of people who were in nature were able to overcome depression, anxiety, and stress. Ultimately, they were able to live a more balanced and healthy life. 

4.  Nature can boost your energy 

According to a research report, a 20-minute walk in nature can drastically enhance our energy level. Richard M Ryan, a professor at the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education at the Australian Catholic University and a research professor at the University of Rochester conducted this research. 

5.  Nature can make you creative

Who doesn’t want to boost creativity? Surprisingly, being in nature can make you creative. PLOS One, a peer-reviewed journal published a study about this issue. According to the study, nature can maximize your creativity level almost 50%. The participants of the research spend four to six days in nature. As a result, they were more attentive and assertive. They also reported feeling more creative.

6.  Nature can help you in dealing with stress

Several studies have reported that participants who spend time in nature were able to deal with their stress and anxiety. Landscape and Urban Planning, a peer-reviewed journal, published a study in 2012. According to the study, out of 25 participants who lived in a green environment had a lower level of cortisol. This is a great sign that nature can help you in overcoming stress. 

7. Nature can help dementia patients and enhance short-term memory

Nature can help dementia patients. According to the researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School, the patients showed less agitation when gardens were installed in the nursing homes. All patients enjoyed being in the gardens and were able to relax more. 

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