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by | Jul 13, 2021

corporate wellness companies

Choosing from the menu of corporate wellness companies can be overwhelming if you’re an CHRO or wellness representative for your organization. The uptick in options has come as a result of the increasing awareness of the holistic employee wellbeing needs in and out of the workplace. We’re breaking down some of the best corporate wellness companies by identifying their primary strength so you can choose what matters most to your organization. 


Strength:  Considers how the employee experience impacts employee wellness.

Based on extensive research and analysis of diverse organizations, Wellable focuses on three things that matter most to employees: technology, culture, and physical space. Through wellness challenges, health education, coaching, screenings, and more, Wellable is one of the corporate wellness companies that designs a program to support employee wellnes across the world by improving their work and home lives. 


Strength:  Health solution leader in the wearable technology category.

The Fitbit name is synonymous with wearable technology and tracking. By promoting movement throughout the day, Fitbit was the leader in making people more aware of their daily movement patterns. With the introduction of their health solution, they became a competitor among corporate wellness companies by capitalizing on their reputation, moving beyond step counting and into holistic health programming. 


Strength:  Design wellness platforms that have been recognized as one of the nation’s most effective corporate wellness programs.

Wellsteps aims to reduce healthcare costs and improve employee health, and their results prove their effectiveness in doing so better than other corporate wellness companies. Recognized with a Koop Award in 2016, Wellsteps partners with corporate health to offer a variety of solutions to improve employee’s physical and emotional health. 


Strength: Global technology offering seamless integrations with a wide variety of devices. 

VirginPulse has a global reach that surpasses many other corporate wellness companies. Their integrated wellness technology provides an easy to use experience for their customers, regardless of location. By helping people create “workforce habits that matter,” behavior change is at the heart of everything they do. With Richard Branson at the helm, the reach of VirginPulse will continue to expand.


Strength: Allows individuals to improve digital behavior to maximize their time and stay focused on goals that matter most by building healthier habits.

BetterYou helps employees succeed by influencing their behavior to achieve their personal wellness goals by reaching employees where they already are – on their phones. BetterYou’s Artificial Intelligence, or BetterBot, automatically maps how users are spending their digital time and nudges them to make decisions that support their goals when they get off track, which sets them apart among corporate wellness companies. 


Strength:  Corporate fitness solutions delivered onsite to you.

By bringing fitness and health support to your employees right where they are, EXOS stands out from other corporate wellness companies. EXOS designs custom, eco-friendly fitness centers for organizations. Through full-scale staffing and support, they help employees improve their health and productivity.

While not an all-inclusive list, these top corporate wellness companies are ones to consider if you’re looking for a new wellness solution in 2021. 

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