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by | Jul 8, 2021

wellness technology

As technology advances, so too does its ability to improve our wellbeing. Wellness technology helps us sleep better, improve our mental health, and get physically fit. Here’s our round-up of some of the best wellness technology available today. 


At the end of 2020, Apple launched Apple Fitness +, an online streaming fitness program, to promote better physical health for all levels of users. Workouts are available on the iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV through their fitness app for a small monthly fee. Apple’s wellness technology includes movement, heart rate, and breathing tracking that encourages users to close Activity rings, compete in monthly challenges, stand regularly, and de-stress through reminders to breathe. 


BetterYou is a digital coach that allows users to maximize their time and stay focused on wellbeing goals that matter most. As a wellness technology that partners with universities and companies, BetterYou’s AI platform helps users develop healthier habits in physical, social and mental wellness. The technology runs seamlessly in the background to provide a real-time dashboard to help university administration and HR professionals make data-driven decisions to support wellbeing.


Headspace is dedicated to the promotion of meditation and mindfulness with a mission to “improve the health and happiness of the world.” By introducing meditation in bite-sized experiences, this wellness technology platform is helping users across 190 countries experience less stress and better sleep. The Headspace app is available for free on both the AppleStore and GooglePlay. With the benefits of meditation continuing to grow, this wellness technology leader is likely to gain even more followers in the year ahead. 


With the recent addition of Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, to their executive team, BetterUp has solidified itself as a frontrunner in whole-person support. Focused on driving the professional and personal wellbeing and performance of professionals, the wellness technology from BetterUp “brings together world-class coaching, AI technology, and behavioral science experts to deliver change at scale — improving individual resilience, adaptability, and effectiveness.” 


As a leader in virtual mental health care, Lyra is opening doors to better emotional wellbeing with their wellness technology platform. With access to “the best mental health providers and most effective treatments,” Lyra has built a wellness technology platform that is growing exponentially. Boasting an 83%  improvement or recovery for their users, or 4 out of 5 Lyra members, digital mental health care is proving to be an effective way to help people get the support they need to live a healthier life. 

Nokia Sleep

A good night’s sleep is imperative to overall health. Nokia’s sleep health solution comes in the form of a mattress pad that tracks sleep patterns and analyzes how well users are sleeping each night. This non-invasive wi-fi connected wellness technology is a welcome relief to those who prefer not to wear a tracker to bed or invest in a sleep tracking mattress, like Sleep Number. Nokia Sleep tracks snoring patterns and can integrate with the automation app IFTTT to help users build good bedtime routines.

Wellness technology will continue to advance in the years to come and continue to provide innovative solutions to users seeking better wellbeing in their physical, emotional, and relational health. 

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