How to Feel More Rested

by | Nov 12, 2021

feel more rested

During the pandemic, people across the globe reported welcoming the “break” from the relentless pace of activities and commitments of daily life. Now that the world has largely re-opened the pace of life has quickened with it. Whether you are mourning the loss of the slower pace or rejoicing that life feels more normal again, knowing how to feel more rested will help support your wellbeing. 

Start the day with breakfast

Fueling your body with a healthy breakfast will help you feel more alert as your day gets rolling. Choose a protein, healthy fat, and a small portion of carbs for a well-balanced start to your day. Skip the carb-only options like donuts, bagels, and pancakes to prevent the mid-morning slump these foods promise. Feel more rested with healthy on-the-go breakfast choices.  

Get outside

With the brisker air in the great outdoors comes clarity of mind and better creativity. Soak in the last of the fall colors, hear the crunch of the fallen leaves under your feet, and revel in the long shadows from early sunsets to feel more rested. The influence of nature on our wellbeing is well documented and will provide much needed rest when life is moving quickly.  

Build in breaks

Whether you’re working from home or the office, it’s easy to move through your workday without taking time to stop. Build in a lunch break and other dedicated times to decompress. Take your lunch outside or join your family or co-workers for a bite to eat. Making time to put work aside and socialize is good for each dimension of your wellbeing and will help you feel more rested.  

Skip the snooze

While it’s tempting to get those extra minutes of sleep, hitting snooze will leave you more groggy and less alert than rising immediately with your alarm. As your body acclimates to a standardized sleep schedule, you will naturally wake at the same time each day and eventually skip the alarm altogether. To feel more rested, opt out of snoozing to improve your sleep health.  

Phone a friend

Skip the text and pick up the phone to connect with a friend or loved one. Choose someone who gives you energy and positive vibes. Hearing the voice of another person helps improve your relational wellbeing and makes you feel more rested. The call you make to that person will do the same for them, too. 

Turn off your alerts

Being constantly connected to the world around you isn’t good for your health and wellness. Taking a break from the notifications you receive all day long from apps, computers, and social platforms will help you feel more rested. BetterYou helps remind you of this by sending personalized and timely nudges to help you focus on the things that matter most.   

Life is ramping up. Knowing how to feel more rested and building these strategies into your daily rhythm will support and maintain your holistic health. If you’d like to know more about how BetterYou can help, connect with us for a demo!

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