On-The-Go Healthy Breakfast Ideas
Monica Segeren
healthy breakfast

When running late in the morning, we pass by Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King and so on. Often, the foods we choose here are empty calories that end up making us sluggish throughout the morning. Eat This, Not That wrote an article in 2020 about the dangerous side effects of eating fast food regularly. They found that “An ingredient often used in fast-food meat has been associated with breast, prostate, and colon cancers for over 10 years. A 2008 study revealed the link between the chemical PhIP and cancer, and a lawsuit was subsequently filed in 2009 involving Burger King.”  Although some fast food places offer healthy choices, we often do not feel like we made a healthy choice. Also, we tend to spend much more money than we would like to. Pinterest, Google, and Facebook have supplied us with handfuls of recipes to help us eat healthy and save money. There are meatless recipes, dairy-free, and gluten-free options in this list so most people are accounted for!  

Meatless and Dairy-free Options

There are many options to choose from since the plant based and veganism culture has excelled in the last couple of years. Forbes reported “Sales of plant-based alternatives to animal-based foods including meat, cheese, milk and eggs grew 17% over the past year, while overall U.S. food sales rose only 2%.” With that being said, the importance of including meatless options is important! Overnight oats, recipes made by The Conscientious Eater are one of my favorite ways to stay on track since the options are endless to what you are able to add. Make sure you use a reusable container to prevent waste. Not only is this a healthy breakfast option, but it is super easy and budget friendly. Another all-time favorite is these banana oat muffins made by Ambitious Kitchen! Both of these are great options but the possibilities are endless. 

Gluten-free Options

Although there is no exact test for a gluten sensitivity, VeryWellHealth reports: “Researchers have estimated it may be as low as 0.6% of the population (or six in every 1,000 people) or as high as 6% of the population (six in every 100 people), but there hasn’t yet been any definitive research on the numbers.” Luckily. I found a list of fifteen different recipes that are gluten-free and low carb. One of the recipes is a bacon and egg muffin that can be made ahead of time and warmed up as needed. They look amazing!

The Options Are Endless!

When it comes to finding breakfast options, I like to keep a folder of ideas on my Pinterest so I can try a new one each week! With some of these ideas, you can save more money, spend less time in your car and overall live a healthier lifestyle. You can also do simple snack-like boxes with an apple and peanut butter with whole grain crackers. It does not have to be overcomplicated or fancy, but simply whatever is best for your needs and work life! Here is also a list of healthy snacks from BetterYou to help keep you on track. Enjoy and stay healthy.

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