What is the Best Nighttime Routine?
Sean Higgins
nighttime routine

Nighttime should be a time to relax, unwind, and get ready for a night of good sleep. Yet, a lot of people have trouble actually relaxing because they’re getting ready for the stress of the next day both physically and mentally. 

Having the right nighttime routine can make all the difference though, so here’s the best nighttime routine to give you the highest quality of sleep possible!

1. Prevent tomorrow’s stress

If you often feel stressed out and rushed in the morning, try and take care of things the night before. Pack a lunch, set out your outfit, and prepare breakfast like overnight oats. This way, you can enjoy better sleep because you won’t be worrying about these things when you wake up. 

2. Practice self-care

This might mean having a shower or bath by candlelight, playing relaxing music, having some wine, doing your skin care, or reading a book. Whatever self-care means to you, make sure that you give yourself this time to celebrate you and what makes you feel good. 

3. Try not to look at screens

As difficult as this is (especially because it can be relaxing to watch something before bed), the blue light from screens can affect your circadian rhythm, your body’s natural clock. If you really want to consume media, try and do it until an hour before you sleep, and then don’t look at screens anymore till you sleep. You can still listen to media though, so if reading isn’t your thing, maybe an e-book or podcast?

4. Meditate 

You don’t need long to meditate, so try to build it into your nighttime routine to wind down. All you need is five minutes, some peace and quiet, and to control your breathing. Here are 5 meditation tips for beginners

5. Try some relaxing music or brown noise

Put on a relaxing playlist or try listening to brown noise – you can look it up on YouTube. It’s noise that can’t really be identified, but sounds a bit like when you’re close to the sea or in an airplane. It helps your brain relax by providing you with background noise. In turn, your brain won’t be so busy. 

Do you already have a nighttime routine? Whether you do or don’t, try these suggestions and see what a difference they make to your sleep.  

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