5 Meditation Tips for Beginners
meditation tips

Meditation is the path to many great benefits like improved mood and better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It can help you feel more at peace, improve productivity, and be a better version of you. What’s more is that anybody can meditate, even for as little as five minutes a day, and still enjoy the benefits that it brings. 

It can be a little daunting to approach meditation, so here are some tips on meditation for beginners if you’re looking to ease yourself into it. 

1. Let go of expectations

One of the most important meditation tips you will ever receive is that you should enter meditation without expectations. When you meditate with expectations, you can only be disappointed because your mind is focused on what you will get out of meditating rather than on enjoying the meditation itself. 

Meditation for beginners should be like swimming. Just dip your toes in and then gradually immerse yourself, focusing on enjoying how soothing the experience is. 

2. Have a specific time and place to meditate

Even meditation for beginners can feel like a challenge because whenever you try it, you can’t seem to relax. Don’t worry! What can help is setting aside a specific time and place to meditate. This helps your brain recognize the time/space you’re in is for meditating – not work, not playing with your cat, and not worrying about housework. 

This physical separation means that your body and mind can work with you instead of against you so you can meditate successfully. 

3. Prepare yourself

Before actually beginning your meditation, take some time to prepare yourself for the experience. It doesn’t take long. All you really need to do is try and take a little time to wind down and let your mind calm itself. Just before you begin meditating, do some deep breathing. Be aware of your breaths, and then let your breathing return to normal as you begin to meditate. 

4. Be aware 

A great meditation tip is to not fight against your mind. Being aware of not only the thoughts that you have but also what you sense is a part of meditation. The sensations you’re feeling, the sounds you can hear, and your breaths and thoughts are all things that you should be aware of and accept that you are aware of. 

Fighting against your thoughts and sensations will only stop you from meditating. Be neutral as you observe the things you think and feel, and then accept them and let them go. 

Be consistent

This is perhaps the most important of all meditation tips you’ll ever read. Consistency is key! You won’t “get” meditation right away. Like learning how to do anything, practice makes perfect and you’re going to have to give meditation time so you can learn how to do it in a way that works for you personally. 

Everyone is different and your meditative journey is completely unique. Give yourself time and keep at meditating; you’ll see the positive changes it makes to your life sooner than you think. 

So what did you think? Will you be trying out these meditation tips?

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