What is Sustainable Nutrition?

by | Jan 25, 2022

sustainable nutrition

What is sustainable nutrition and why is it important? 

Summarized by KHNI: “It is nutrition that is produced and delivered in a way that is mindful for people, the planet, and society.” Therefore sustainable nutrition is broken down into four different components which are: health and nutrition, economy, environment, and socio-cultural. This is important in order to improve our overall health in ourselves and our environment. Without this, it can be difficult to provide for our population that is growing exponentially. 

How do we follow the “diet” of sustainable nutrition? 

KHNI makes a point to “follow your regional dietary guidelines, Eat more fruits and vegetables,diversify and shift the balance of protein intake towards more plant-based sources of protein, limit foods high in fat, salt, or sugar, choose sustainable sources of fish and seafood, waste less food.” Wasting food alone is a huge problem in the United States alone—the USDA says that 30-40% of the food supply is wasted. It’s important to shop small, only buy what you need, and remember to support local farmers. Limit your spending on junk food and big corporations and to spend as much time as you can support your local community. You can also start growing your own food or herbs to be self-sustainable. 

There’s More to Learn 

Even though sustainable nutrition is relatively new, it is important to document its journey through its changes. As the environment, leadership, and people change over the years—so will the definition of sustainable nutrition. We need to focus and look into what we can do to stop food insecurity while 30-40% of food is being wasted. Every day our world is changing which is why it is vital to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Want to try something small? Take a look at these previous articles from BetterYou about how to reduce waste in college and how to promote sustainability in the workplace!

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