Helpful Ways to Get Employee Feedback

by | Jan 25, 2022

employee feedback

Employee feedback and overall employee satisfaction are two ideas that should be integrated into every workspace. However, how can a company truly know and understand how their employees are feeling? Something I have personally learned is: anonymity is always better. Your employees are more likely to tell you the truth if it’s not traceable to them personally. Complaints are often frowned upon if they are not deemed as constructive so a lot of honesty is withheld on how a company can improve. This can cause a high turnover rate and overall poor culture. So what are some ways to get employee feedback? 

Anonymous Open Ended Surveys 

Ditch the typical multiple answer surveys for open ended and deep thinking questions to ask your employees. Ask the questions that you might not want to hear the answers to as well. Some examples are: 

  • If you could change one thing about the office right now, what would you change? 
  • Is there anything in our employee policy that you disagree with? Explain if yes. 
  • What makes you want to come to work everyday other than the pay?
  • What factors would make you leave this job for another? 
  • Is this your dream job? If not, what is? 
  • Is there anything in our benefits package that you think we should add? 
  • If applicable, would you like to work from home rather than the office?
  • What do you like most coming into the office for work? 
  • What do you like the least coming into the office for work?
  • Tell us one thing that makes you happy about working here.

Focus along the lines of this and you will begin to get feedback that will help you improve as managers and as a business setting. Keeping it anonymous will keep the answers honest and true. 

True and False Questionnaire

If you didn’t get the responses you had hoped for in the open ended survey, try for a true and false questionnaire! This gives the employees to not have to think much about their response while still being honest due to still keeping their anonymity. Here are some examples: 

  • True or False: Our company offers good benefits. 
  • True or False: I feel like my boss provides an inclusive work space. 
  • True or False: There is room to grow in this company. 
  • True or False: I can see myself retiring here. 
  • True or False: This job provides a significant amount of stress in my life. 

You can alter the statements to tailor your needs to see where you need to improve, but the overall idea is simple. By not offering multiple choice, you can see a more accurate rating rather than the less likely to more likely scale. Therefore, the company will get more honest and open feedback. By doing this and receiving individual feedback, the company can make appropriate changes. It is vital to keep your employees happy, organized and cared for while we continue through this pandemic together. 

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