Ideas to Build Community in the Workplace

by | Jan 25, 2022

build community in the workplace

Community and inclusivity in the workplace can truly change how a company is doing and succeeding against competitors. One of the main reasons why Google attracts so many applicants every year is because of their incentives, community and social wellness. Ranging from paying for volunteer services, free food, and on-site fitness classes provide ways for employees to work together as well as build relationships. Mental Health America states: “Positive interactions between employees not only makes for a better work environment but can foster higher levels of job satisfaction and productivity. Negative or toxic relationships in the workplace can increase stress levels among employees, as well as feelings of isolation. Both stress and isolation negatively impact employees’ mental and physical health, lowering employee morale and motivation.” So what can a company do to encourage a strong and positive community in the workplace? 

Company Outings 

Focusing on one another outside of the typical hustle and bustle of the workplace can truly help people see who they are working with. Sometimes, stress overcomes our emotions and people can come off as unapproachable; however, they can be truly down to earth. Doing things like hiking, bowling, escape rooms, axe throwing, and events along that nature can truly help build a community. 

Eating Together 

Setting up a space inside or outside of your office for employees to eat is so important. You want them to venture outside of their office for their break—not to hide behind closed doors or in their car. Create a break room that isn’t something you would see in a zombie apocalypse movie. Create a space that would be shown to future employees as an incentive to work there. Whether you put in a fancy coffee maker, kitchenette, comfortable seating, a TV, or even a gaming system—make it an experience. 

Have Competitions 

Nothing. I mean nothing can make people talk more than competition in the workplace. Wellness and health activities are a great way for everyone to get along all while improving their mental and physical well-being. You could offer virtual events from home like Family Feud or Trivia Night to provide team building experience or something like a spirit week experience in the office. When it comes to spirit week, it would be like a flashback to high school. You could have costume competitions, food eating contests, scavenger hunts and more! This is a great way to provide inclusivity for the staff as well. 

Be FUN! 

Having fun is how a company can truly thrive and provide a lasting experience in the workplace. It will improve employee satisfaction and improve the social aspects of your employees. Remember to have fun, stay smart and to always report inappropriate behavior. Be a BetterYou within the workplace too! 

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