Best Habit Tracker App
Heidi Zwart
best habit tracker app

Did you know it takes more than 21 days to build a habit? While 21 days isn’t the magic number, building a new habit means repeating a behavior over and over again. The longer you practice doing something differently, the more likely it is to stick. Here are some of the best habit tracker apps to help you build new habits. 


If you love video games, Habitica is the best habit tracker app for you. This role-playing game (RPG) brings everything you’d expect from this kind of experience plus all the benefits of habit tracking. You can join a party with other people if you’re looking for additional accountability and fun. The app can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with RPG’s, so know that before you select this option. 


This might be the best habit tracker app for you if you’re not interested in an RPG experience or prefer a simpler platform. If you love to-do lists and checking things off when you finish them, you’ll love Habitify. With a daily curated habit list designed by you, you can easily see your progress all day long with easy to read charts and graphics.

If having a person on the other side of your app experience matters to you, might be the best habit tracker app for you. With access to a professional coach and a community, you are supported by others as you make progress toward your goals. You will likely find a discussion thread relevant to the habit you’re building or you can pay for coaching if you want additional support. Whether you use these features or not, at its core, it still tracks your daily habits. 


Similar to Habitify, Strides helps you organize your habits by priority and goals. You can set streak goals and even set “yes or no” goals for habits you either complete or don’t. If you want to quantify your habits, like doing a certain number of squats or pushups for example, you can set that up, too. One of the unique features of this best habit tracker app is its ability to provide an “average” rather than a specific number for a more flexible way to build habits.


Another good choice for those who like to keep it simple, Done helps you organize your habits by category. The app helps you build good habits or break bad ones, which makes it one of our picks for best habit tracker apps. You can also track a habit you want to repeat multiple times each day, like drinking water or practicing mindfulness. 


We’d be remiss if we didn’t include BetterYou in the list of best habit tracker apps. BetterYou’s Artificial Intelligence, helps you achieve your goals by encouraging you to spend your time on the things that matter most (physical health, mindfulness, social connections, and education). When you get off track, the app “nudges” you into making better decisions that align with your goals.

No matter which of our best habit tracker apps you choose, the key is to use it! Download your favorite today and reach your goals by building new habits to support them. 

The BetterYou app uses behavior science to improve digital health and make it stick.

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