With the first day of summer being less than a month away, that means temperatures are going to start rising. If you are someone that tends to get overheated in the sun and sweat a lot, here are some great products to keep you cool! 

Portable Misting Fan 

This portable misting fan is found on Amazon for just under $25! This fan includes a night light, has cool mist and is battery operated! 

Cooling Towel

If you work outside, this is a product that you need to buy this summer. These cooling towels come in a pack of three and can be reused! You can tie them around your head or neck depending on your activity level. These will help you stay cool for a couple of hours depending on the temperature. This is a great product to prevent heat stroke.

Reusable Water Bottle

When it comes to purchasing a reusable water bottle for the summer, it’s important to purchase one that is insulated so your water doesn’t get warm. Especially if you’re traveling or going to the beach or lake. This Buzio water bottle is my favorite. It keeps your water cold all day long! It also gives you two different top options and a cleaning kit. It’s only $20 right now for a 40 oz water bottle. 

Cold Shower Field Towels 

These wipes from Ulta donate proceeds to U.S. Veterans and they are very neat! These have menthol, aloe and jojoba that help in cooling you down and refreshing your skin. 

Cucumber Juice 

This Santa Cruz Agua Fresca with cucumber and lime is a great way to stay hydrated. Not only does it help with hydration but it helps with inflammation, blood pressure, improves sleep and vision and so much more!

Be Prepared 

As it gets hotter it is important to stay prepared as you go outside for leisure or to work. Always have extra water and if you’re going for a longer distance have an emergency cooler full of drinks and refreshing snacks to prevent heat stroke.