Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells? Are you constantly stressed and not knowing what your next step is going to entail? Are you constantly asking yourself “what if?” You might need to start living a more grounded life. Psychology Today defines being grounded as: “ the ability to be completely aware and conscious during the present moment. If you’re grounded, you practice a deep sense of mindfulness and rarely think about “what ifs.”” Some other traits are: reliability, good moral standards, healthy self-esteem, and encouraging and supporting others. So what things can you do to lead a more grounded life? Here are five tips for a more grounded life. 

1. Limit Your Social Media and News Consumption 

Especially with today’s world, negativity is everywhere. Whether it’s about COVID, Ukraine, school violence, drama and so on…it can become overwhelming. It’s possible (and important) to stay informed on important issues while still protecting your mental health. Check out Good News Network for positive and uplifting news coverage in addition to the daily news. Also, instead of grabbing your phone when you wake up, do something beneficial for your mind instead. 

2. Meditation 

Taking the time to meditate each day will help you be more mindful until you lead a more grounded life. If you meditate instead of reacting immediately it will also help with your confidence and conversation skills.

3. Focus on YOU and Your Health 

Without being well in your mind and your body it is difficult for other things to follow. Take 30 minutes each day to do something that you love and another 30 minutes to move your body. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or strenuous. You could focus on yoga and breathwork! Take the time to learn new things or rediscover old passions to make your soul shine! 

4. Focus on the Now 

Focusing on the past is never a good thing. Even when it comes to planning the future, it isn’t good for your health either. The only thing that we can control is today. Focus on the now and what we can control in the moment. Take one step at a time and you will complete your journey. 

5. Sit Outside to Have Your Meal 

If you often find yourself sitting inside in your home or in the office, challenge yourself to have lunch outside. Have a picnic, eat a snack in the grass. Be in and with nature. Take the time to spend time with others or by yourself and meditate! 

Be Present, Be You

It’s important to be your authentic self, especially today. We need to appreciate what we have, what we can do and appreciate each day. The world is forever changing and we must stick to our true selves and be grounded during difficult situations.