Natural Remedies for Anxiety
natural remedies for anxiety

People who suffer from anxiety know there is sometimes no rhyme or reason for it. Anxiety can often stem from outside factors, like the pandemic or starting a new job, but it can also come for apparently no reason. This makes it frustrating for those seeking relief. For those looking to improve symptoms naturally without resorting to medication, try these natural remedies for anxiety.

Pick up a new active hobby

In many studies, regular exercise reduces the severity of anxiety in those who deal with it. Not only does it act as a “therapy session” while you’re working out, but the effects continue for several hours following exercise. So it’s a great thing to integrate into your daily self care routine. Lose yourself in being active – whether it’s running to your favorite playlist or taking your favorite workout class online.

Cut down on caffeine and alcohol.

Research shows that caffeine can cause anxiety or worsen symptoms in existing cases. Try to cut back to one coffee a day if you have more than that. If you usually drink one cup, you can try cutting back even more to a couple times a week as a natural remedy for anxiety. 

The same goes for alcohol. While a drink can ease anxiety in the short term, it can make symptoms worse after the fact. As a rule of thumb, caffeine and alcohol are two substances recommended to cut back on when trying to deal with anxiety. You can try it out, and if you don’t see a difference, reintroduce them slowly. 

Essential oils for anxiety

Aromatherapy with certain essential oils can be very beneficial for reducing symptoms of anxiety. It aids in relaxation, boosts mood, helps with sleep and reduces heart rate and blood pressure. And all of these things work together to ease anxiety. Notable oils to try diffusing are bergamot, lavender, clary sage and grapefruit. 

While natural remedies for anxiety are no replacement for doctor visits and medication, it’s a good place to start.

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