Must-Haves for a Hybrid Workplace

by | Oct 5, 2021

hybrid workplace

Back to work plans are still in flux for many organizations. While some have set the course and brought employees back to office full time, many are considering a more flexible arrangement. For these organizations, it’s important to consider the must haves for a hybrid workplace to make this beneficial for employer and employee alike.  

Reliable technology

Dependable technology is one of the most important must-haves for a hybrid workplace. Without good tech, work from home isn’t productive, efficient, or possible at all for many organizations. The discovery of new tools, platforms, and emerging tech has made it possible for teams to continue to work while apart. To continue leading in a hybrid workplace, organizations will need to reallocate capital resources into their tech so that employees can continue to thrive at home.   

Good communication channels

Without the benefit of face-to-face interaction on work from home days, the hybrid environment demands good communication channels. Organizations can continue to rely on traditional communication tools like email and phone calls, but additional must-haves for a hybrid workplace include additional enhancements with platforms like Zoom and Slack. Video conferencing provides visual accountability and connection for employees and messaging platforms keep employees more in sync throughout the workday.   

Culture of trust

Building trust in employee performance and productivity is one of the top must-haves for a hybrid workplace. Surveys have revealed that one of the biggest challenges for business owners has been the loss of control over team productivity. While statistics show this fear isn’t warranted, it may still take time for organizations to fully trust their employees to do their best work outside of the office environment. Trust is foundational to integrating remote work into your organization

Flexible scheduling

One of the benefits of a hybrid workplace is the flexibility it affords employees. On work from home days, employees need freedom to work around their home life obligations and values. This might mean early work hours for some and later work hours for others. Women have been hit hardest by this juggling act with many leaving the workplace in 2020. In order to retain this talent or bring it back, flexibility and freedom is at the top of the list for must-haves for a hybrid workplace.

Wellbeing support

The pandemic created the need for organizations to provide more holistic support to their employee population. With the rise in mental health awareness, organizations have been forced to respond to the increasing needs of their people. Holistic health support is no longer optional. It’s an important must-have for a hybrid workplace and its ongoing success. Providing resources to employees whether they are in the office or officing from home will lead to healthier and happier employees. 

If your organization is still determining your best path forward, consider these must-haves for a hybrid workplace as you make your decision. BetterYou can help whether you’re a hybrid team or not. We offer a simple employee wellness solution to boost engagement, collaboration and company culture. But more importantly, we provide a step toward improving your team’s mental health. Because healthier employees are happier employees, and happy employees are more productive and engaged every day. 

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