Why Communication Skills Are Important
Heidi Zwart
why communication skills are important

Do you know what your words are communicating to others? Have you considered what you say to yourself in your own mind? Words matter. Each dimension of your wellbeing is impacted by how you interact with yourself and the world around you and highlight why communication skills are important.

Communication skills are important for relational wellbeing

Words are the lifeblood to connecting with others. What you say matters and how you say it impacts the strength or weakness of your relationships. Knowing how to communicate the right message with your words, tone, and body language will either build a bridge to better relationships or lead to its collapse. Learning how to ask good questions and becoming a reflective listener are communication skills to focus on if better relationships are your goal. 

Communication skills are important for emotional wellbeing

Learning how to express your emotions instead of bottling them up will improve your emotional wellbeing. When you’re able to express your fears, disappointments, insecurity, or joy to others, you release the pressure valve that can lead to poor mental health. Communicating honestly with a trusted friend, family member, or counselor will lead to a healthier inner world.  

Communication skills are important for physical wellbeing

When you are experiencing emotional stress, your body absorbs those feelings. Stress finds a home in your body if it’s harbored too long. Good communication skills help your body release them and the physical pain it experiences when negative emotions are held in. Notice the pain in your shoulders, neck, back, or head to recognize when you need to talk it out so that you feel better.  

Communication skills are important for career wellbeing

First impressions matter. You are likely to be hired or not based on how well you articulate your experiences, strengths, and passion for the work you’re pursuing. Once hired, good communication skills will help you advance in your career. Knowing how to talk to your peers, manager, and others of influence will determine the opportunities to advance in the future. 

Communication skills are important for intellectual wellbeing

Personal and professional development is important for your intellectual wellbeing. Being sharpened and challenged will keep your brain and mind healthy. Stimulating discussions with others leads to intellectual growth and development. Practice having civil discussions, listening to another person’s point of view, and articulating your perspective with grace to experience stronger EQ and holistic wellbeing. 

Communication skills are important for cultural wellbeing

Cultural divides are rampant around issues like gender, race, and politics. Each topic has become a threat  to good communication and highlights how imperative it is that the right words are chosen at the right moment with the right person. When you approach a conversation with tact, dignity, and respect you unite people instead of divide them.

Better holistic health highlight why communication skills are important. As you read through the benefits of good communication, choose one that might need more attention. Commit to consciously practicing better communication in that one area to improve your health and wellbeing.

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