How to Increase Gamma Brain Waves
Virginia Morrow
how to increase gamma brain waves

That moment when the effort falls away and you are left at peak performance seemingly effortlessly. Your brain takes over and leaves you with exceptional performance to maximize its abilities. Athletes, employees, and everyday people strive to achieve this state constantly. Luckily for them (and us) there is one factor that we do have control over. The state of peak performance is induced by gamma waves, a specific type of brain wave. In this article, we will explore what gamma waves really are, and how you can use simple tips to multiply your performance and efficiency through gamma waves.

What are gamma waves?

Let’s start at the beginning. All of the energy in the universe is conveyed in the form of waves. From super high energy x-rays to long form radio waves, all of the light we see, noise we hear, and energy around us travels in waves. The waves are differentiated by length. The longer a wave, the lower the energy, and vice versa. Inside the brain, there are five different kinds of waves. Gamma waves are the highest energy of all, with frequencies between 40 and 140 Hz. These high frequency waves increase alertness and concentration, which can dramatically increase the productivity of your brain. This physical change is a big step in creating an optimal work environment.

What are the benefits of increasing gamma waves?

Increasing the frequency of the energy bouncing around your neurons creates an amazing result. You are left feeling energized, but not tense. In this state, your brain is more likely to make more connections, think more creatively, be more productive, and integrate new information with more ease. Ultimately, maximizing efficiency in your brain. Of course, being exposed to this state at all times can be exhausting, and your brain is not developed to maintain such a high energy status throughout the day every day. At the same time, it is helpful to have tools to fall back on when you have a big deadline coming up, or a workload that just keeps growing. Efficiency is crucial to working, but relaxing is just as important. For the time that you practice increasing gamma wave production, implement strategies to relax that can help your brain quiet down. Like any habit or practice, maintaining balance is key to the survival of the method.

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How can I increase my gamma brain wave production?

There are a number of ways to optimize brain function, a process known as biohacking. In order to produce more gamma waves in the brain, you have to get into the Zone. This highly valuable, difficult to achieve state of being is a scientifically proven way to increase productivity, overall mood, and wellbeing. It can be reached in multiple ways.

One way to slip into the zone is by learning. Have you ever noticed when you are absorbed by a lesson or a book, you start to flow with the story and completely tune out of the rest of your senses? That was an experience of gamma wave production by learning. 

Meditation is another classic way of achieving the state of clarity brought on by gamma waves. The intentionality of movement and breathing concentrates focus in such a way to literally improve the energy within the brain. This article highlights some accessible ways to begin meditation, specifically for students or people with busy lives. No matter how much time you have, incorporating mindfulness can calm down the hectic nature of a busy life.

For some, meditation is a hobby that is completely immersive, but if that is not you, engaging in any hobby that is completely consuming will do. Playing games, doing meaningful work, or sinking your teeth into a new passion project shows the same benefits of meditation in gamma wave production. If you’re curious about exploring new hobbies, look here for inspiration.

Of all the hobbies, one stands out as uniquely valuable. Playing instruments or creating music of any kind has such a connection between sensory experience and prefrontal cortex processes or creativity and ingenuity that it has strong links to gamma wave production. Musicians train their brains to enter a gamma state when they pick up an instrument or start playing.

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