6 Indoor Hobby Ideas to Try
Monica Segeren
indoor hobby ideas

With the colder months quickly approaching and the sun setting sooner each day—we need to keep our minds happy. A lot of the time we sit in front of the television and binge watch shows but I invite you to try something new! To do something that isn’t your typical comfort zone. Here’s a list of all of the things that you can learn or improve on if you’ve already started learning one of these! 

1. Cross Stitch

Also called counted thread embroidery, this is a super cute and easier hobby to start with rather than crocheting. (In my opinion) and you can get this beginner kit of a squirrel on Etsy here

2. Bullet Journaling 

If you’re not interested in planning, but keeping track of your memories…this is for you! If you have a Michael’s Craft Store around you I highly suggest taking a trip to look at the sticker options in person; however, Etsy has an abundance of bullet journal options as well. Check out this starter kit you can get on Etsy for only $38! 

3. Video Games 

For months, I’ve been wanting to buy a Nintendo Switch because of all of the “cozy game” videos I see on TikTok. If you’re someone that’s never played any video games, I highly suggest the Switch! It’s an easy setup, on-the-go, and if you ever had a Nintendo DS—it’s very similar. If that’s not your thing, there’s PlayStation, Xbox, or people who sell their old Atari consoles online all of the time! 

4. Diamond Painting 

This sounds like it’s going to cost a lot of money, but don’t worry! Diamond painting is a combination of paint by number and cross stitching! However, you’re not using a needle and thread, you’re given a special tool to insert the gems into place. I see these done everywhere and some look like they could be in an art museum! I don’t recommend this if you have poor eyesight or have small children due to the “diamonds” being able to be swallowed easily. You can find a mountain diamond painting to start out with here

5. Learn to Play a New Instrument 

When I was in high school I managed to learn 7 instruments within four years and I wish I kept practicing. I wouldn’t have been able to learn that many without my band teacher; however, it is completely possible to learn all online now! Also, if you’re learning how to play the piano and once you learn the basics of reading music you can put these stickers on the keys!

6. Try a Podcast or Audiobook

Have you ever listened to a podcast before? Luckily, we made a short list for you to try, check it out here! If you have never tried an audiobook before, you can purchase them through the Kindle app or Audible! A lot of the time around Christmas, they will offer specials as low as $0.99! 

What Hobby Do You Do? 

The possibilities are endless! You can learn anything within these coming months and it’s important to remember to nourish your mind, body and soul. Don’t get trapped in front of the television or phone and make the most of your time! 

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