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Monica Segeren
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All About Holistic Health 

There are five components when it comes to holistic health which are: physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health. Holistic health believes that if you have a good standing with all five of these components you are living your life to the fullest. Holistic health comes from ancient China, “Traditional Chinese Medicine practices involve the use of herbs, dietary therapy, and mind and body practices such as acupuncture and tai chi. Although the exact number of people who use TCM in the United States is unknown, the NCCIH estimated in 1997 that some 10,000 practitioners served more than 1 million patients each year. Acupuncture and tai chi were noted as the most frequently used.” 

Holistic health is also known as treating the person and not the disease. If you go to a holistic health office with chronic stomach issues, they won’t just send you home with medicine. Although medicine is used in holistic health, the doctor will evaluate your entire lifestyle. What does that include? Your eating habits, your exercise habits, your mental health, and so on. This is why this approach is becoming more and more popular.

 Due to the frustrations with modern medicine and “big pharma,” people want to be listened to and be evaluated as a whole. Some methods that are used in holistic medicine are: acupuncture, aromatherapy, reiki, meditation, massage therapy, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, reflexology, herbology, and so on. 


There is no doubt that it is becoming more popular and more known to the population and corporations due to the media. Social media has brought so much attention to holistic health solutions and its capabilities. Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram have used marketing strategies to not only bring awareness to their business but to what holistic health is all about. TikTok accounts like Graceful.Nutrition, Real with Emma, and ItsNewaDawn4You all promote holistic health as well as promoting their own personal services. More than ever, people want to feel balanced and happy. The pandemic has ultimately destroyed a lot of our mental health and has led us to a more stagnant lifestyle. The ultimate goal for us is to feel, look, and mentally feel good all around. Without this, life can feel incomplete and make us not want to work as hard.

 With that being said, a lot of corporations are including this into their health and wellness programs. Management wants their employees to have access to things outside and during work to make their life feel better and to improve their overall mental health. Also, a lot of the time, the better the benefits, the more likely an employee will stay long term. Rather than a place that offers little to no wellness programs, companies are taking a turn to offering holistic wellness solutions for their employees. You can check out a previous article where we talk about employee wellness programs and the importance of them. Holistic wellness solutions are more about the company or the services that they have to offer. It is about healing each and every person effectively and completely. There is still a lot to be learned but only according to regulations from different countries. Despite this, there are hundreds, thousands of people who can testify that holistic wellness has truly changed their life. 

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