Customizable Wellness Platforms

by | Oct 14, 2021

customizable wellness platforms

What is a customizable wellness platform? A customizable wellness platform is a web-based technology that is used within a company or school in order to evaluate, motivate, inform, engage, and give incentive for their employees, interns, or students. Customizable wellness platforms like BetterYou give you the ability to choose your goals, what challenges you want to participate in, and resources for employees and students to refer to. Let’s take a look at some amazing customizable platforms for you to try in your workplace or school!

1. Wellable 

Following a holistic approach to their app, they focus on mental, physical, and environmental health — even offering a smoking cessation program! Wellable also offers a holistic webinar series with a live Q&A afterwards. With a rating of ⅘ on the Apple App Store and endless positive testimonials, this customizable wellness platform is a great start. You can check out the Wellable app here

2. Go Vida

Based in the United Kingdom and founded in 2018 by Chris Tomkinson, Go Vida has a similar approach to wellness for employees. Go Vida focuses more on positivity in the workplace , prevention of employee burnout, and teamwork. This is a bright, welcoming layout and you can find it here

3. Vantage Circle

One of the larger scale companies that help more than 400 companies like PayPal and J.P. Morgan, this customizable wellness platform is very versatile. Unlike the other two, Vantage Circle provides employee feedback in the app! They also offer deals, perks, and discounts within the app as well. There are also surveys available to keep an eye on the overall satisfaction of your employees. This is a great one to consider if you have a large corporation. You can check Vantage Circle out here

4. Limeade 

Focusing on “action-oriented” inclusion in the workplace, Limeade has a data-driven app that makes sure your workplace succeeds and your employees are satisfied. They also offer full communication and social support to the users. According to their own statistics: “56% of employees with unmanageable stress lowered their levels with Limeade.” This company seems to be user friendly for all ages. 

5. BetterYou 

BetterYou was founded by Sean Higgins in 2018 and offers its services to both universities and corporate companies. Using this AI companion that requires no manual entry, you’re able to take back control of your well-being. Users on BetterYou are able to set goals and participate in monthly challenges. This is to improve our digital behavior and to ensure we are developing our physical, social and mental wellness daily. Come join BetterYou!

Why is secure data storage important in an employee wellness platform?

Secure data storage is of utmost importance in an employee wellness platform for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures the safekeeping of personal health information, which plays a vital role in an individual’s overall well-being program. By utilizing a centralized document storage system, wellness managers can effectively organize critical health records, such as vaccination records, prescriptions, and lab results.

Additionally, secure data storage allows participants to easily upload and view their essential documents from pharmacies and other sources. This accessibility empowers individuals to actively engage in their own health management and ensures that their important health information remains readily available whenever needed.

Moreover, secure data storage enables personalized preventative communications to enhance employee wellness effectively. Such communications can include health screening reminders, vaccine recommendations, and booster suggestions. By maintaining a secure and comprehensive storage system, wellness managers can ensure that the right individuals receive timely and relevant information to optimize their preventative care.

Overall, secure data storage within an employee wellness platform guarantees the protection and confidentiality of personal health information. It empowers participants to actively participate in their well-being journey and facilitates personalized communications tailored to each individual’s health needs.

Many Options

There are various options for each and every company or school. Depending on the number of your employees or students, what do you want to achieve in your workplace, or your overall budget—each company will provide something different. Truly, when it comes to deciding which customizable wellness platform you want to choose, you have to decide what is best for your company. Our team is always available for any questions that you might have!

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