8 Tips for a Healthy Summer

by | Jul 23, 2021

healthy summer

Summer is a favorite season for many of us. The season brings time outdoors with friends, family, and food! While some of us are more active, we also tend to eat more, sleep less, and lack a consistent routine. With these 8 tips for a healthy summer, you can still stay on track with your health goals.

Prepare for the Parties

It’s tempting to “save up” calories for a big event or social gathering in the summer. It’s better to eat normal meals and have a small snack before you leave the house so you don’t arrive at that BBQ or gathering overly hungry. A handful of nuts, 2 oz of cheese, yogurt or even a protein shake will do the trick.

Wear Sunscreen

Protect your skin with an SPF of 30 or above. Lather up regularly if you’re in the water or are perspiring from your outdoor workout. This small healthy habit is an important tip for a healthy summer and healthier life down the road. 

Limit Alcohol

Besides the additional calories and sugar in alcohol, your inhibitions are also lowered and you are more likely to overindulge in food as a result of overconsuming alcohol. Alternate a drink with a glass of water to slow down your intake. A healthy summer means being mindful during your social gatherings.

Get Back on Track 

If you do eat too much at a party, drink more than you intended, or skip your scheduled workout, return to your healthy habits as quickly as possible. Be kind to yourself and give yourself grace for whatever choice you make. One meal or one bad day won’t undo the healthy summer you have planned for yourself. 

Stop Dieting

A healthy summer doesn’t include dieting. Skipping meals because you’re on the go or are trying to lose weight can actually lead to weight gain and overeating. Commit to eating regular meals and healthy summer snacks

Enjoy Great Conversation

When you’re gathering with friends and family, enjoy the conversation. Ask good questions and listen well. Learn something new while you’re gathering with others. A healthy summer includes building strong social wellbeing with those who matter most to you. 

Outsmart the BBQ

When you’re at a BBQ, choose the simplest foods. Options like raw vegetables, shrimp, chicken, and other whole foods are great choices. Enjoy the other food too, but keep your portion small. A simple trick for a healthy summer at BBQ’s is to keep the toothpicks for the appetizers you’ve eaten in your pocket to keep track of how many you’ve eaten.

Stay Hydrated

Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. It’s important to stay hydrated. The summer temps will zap you of your energy and increase perspiration, requiring you to re-hydrate more often. Choose a well insulated bottle that will keep your water chilled no matter how long you’re away from home. 

Pick one of these tips for a healthy summer and see how it helps you stick to your goals and improve your wellbeing.

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