Best Short Meditations
Monica Segeren
best short meditations

Did you know that just fifteen minutes of meditation can affect your decision making? Research has shown that if you practice fifteen minutes of meditation, you are able to stay in the moment and make a reliable decision without distractions. Not only does it benefit your decision making skills, meditation reduces stress, develops more patience, and reduces negative emotions. So where do you start? Here is a list of helpful resources, links, and videos that can start your meditation journey. 


If you are new to the world of meditation, YouTube is the easiest way to start. Depending on how long you want to meditate, a short meditation ranges anywhere from five to fifteen minutes—you can browse from hundreds of different videos. One of the first ones to try is by Lavendaire, Aileen is her name, and she runs a personal growth and lifestyle page on YouTube. She offers a variety of short meditations to choose from! Another great resource is Great Meditation where they have a wonderful 5 minute morning meditation! Ranging from 5 to 25 minutes, Great Meditation provides guided meditations in both male and females. Great Meditation does what it can to make sure that everyone is satisfied.  The Mindful Movement, run by Sam and Les, does an array of different meditations. You can find the video here!  

Apps to Download 

Headspace and Calm are both great apps for beginners and pros alike. These apps can help you set reminders, have nighttime meditation and have resources to answer additional questions. 

Meditation = A Better Day

Life can seem impossible to take five to ten minutes out of your day to meditate but it is possible! Instead of waking up and immediately looking at social media, open YouTube or one of the apps and begin! This is a super great way to add it into your routine—especially if you get to stay in bed. Set an alarm on your phone after you wake up, meditate and eat a healthy breakfast. Need some healthy breakfast ideas? Check out our previous article here for some ideas! Do you have any YouTube channels to recommend for meditation? Let our team know!

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