5 Productivity Apps for 2022

by | Jan 25, 2022

productivity apps

This is our year to be productive, positive, and to use technology to the absolute fullest. Statista reported: “During the survey period it was found that 13 percent of respondents strongly agreed with the statement that they could be more productive if they didn’t have their smartphone with them.” With our phones in our hands, what can we do to ensure that we manage our time wisely and increase our overall productivity? 

1. Todoist

If you have a lot that needs to get done between work, school and home as well as having a computer, tablet and/or phone—this is meant for you. Todoist is a multifunctional app that allows you prioritize daily tasks, add birthdays and holidays into a yearly event, track projects and activities for work and school, and you can even add others who use the app to keep track of who is doing what. The options for this app are endless and with simple upgrades; you can achieve more and even see how your productivity improves. There is even an option to create a Business Plan  to provide for your employees! 

2. Habitica 

This is a productivity app that is amazing to keep your inner child strong! This is to promote healthy habits and to make it fun. Habitica is an interactive way to make sure that you stay on your game. You can earn armor and pets to add on to your character and support your friends to complete their healthy habits! With a customizable avatar it really makes you feel like you are in your own little virtual reality of productivity!  When customizing your avatar, you can change your skin color, size, hair, add glasses or a flower in your hair and even add a wheelchair. You can use this as habits you want to start or bad habits that you want to eliminate. The app generates a random set of habits but you can change them based on your own individual needs. 

3. To-Do Adventure 

Keeping on the same idea of adding fun to productivity, To-Do Adventure to manage your work, life, and personal life. This is a simpler version of Habitica in my opinion, and seems easier to run. You can add tasks, manage the incomplete ones, keep track of your overall productivity categories, and efficiently plan your day. This is a great way to build a routine and virtual land at the same time. 

4. Freedom— Block Distractions

Much like Forest and Flora, which I included in a previous article on “Apps for Living a Mindful Life,” they prevent you from going on your phone and scrolling mindlessly. Freedom is a similar app but you can be more specific and use it on all of your devices. You can block Amazon, Facebook, games, football scores, etc. If you find yourself bouncing back and forth between your work and whatever you are looking at—Freedom can block it. You can also block the Internet! The thing I enjoy most about this app is that you can sync your data across all of your devices to ensure you keep your productivity strong and you do not have to waste time by setting up each device.

5. Last but Not Least: BetterYou 

Here at BetterYou, we want to make sure that you are living your most productive life in 2022. With tracking that syncs automatically, we ensure that you can track all your progress without having to do it all yourself. Keep in touch with family and friends, stay active, sleep, read, learn, and more all while earning badges and rewards. We are a stress and hassle-free app that is here to make sure you are prioritizing wellness in 2022. Check us out here to see how we can partner with your organization as a wellness platform. Stay happy and well! Cheers to the new year! 

Interested in learning more about how we can help your employee population improve their steps and sleep while reducing burnout?

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