Why to Practice Mindfulness in a Digital Age
practice mindfulness

With so many things competing for our attention it can be difficult to practice mindfulness. It has become even more difficult in this digital age where information is very accessible, and information overload is a constant. With all that, we acknowledge that it is necessary to be mindful perhaps even more so in this digital age. 

What is mindfulness? According to Mayo Clinic Staff, “Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment.” this is made difficult however in our day and age when information is passed along so quickly and there’s no time to unpack what it is or how we feel. We essentially lack the time to take a moment and focus on the now and here.

Lower stress

In a fast-paced society, it is highly common to be stressed, but anything beyond common daily stress is unhealthy. That is why being mindful is so important. Mindfulness practices such as routine meditation can help lower stress. By stopping to catch a breath and focus on what’s important, you will find that you’re centered, and you aren’t getting derailed by every piece of information coming your way, and we all know that a less-stressed person is a happy person!

Boost your mood

We all have our ups and downs, but it seems that as a society, we’re collectively more irritable. Due to the overwhelming information, we are constantly ingesting, we are at a high risk of experiencing general mood disorders if we don’t attend to our inner self. Thankfully mindfulness practices have been shown to improve overall mood. These practices include meditation, journaling, and overall awareness of the kind of information we choose to interact with. It can be difficult to set time aside or even identify what is affecting us, but with effort, anything is possible.

Mindful eating

Yes! This is really a thing. Most of us don’t stop to think about the kind of food we’re ingesting, and as a result, fail to see the direct correlation between that and how we feel. Being mindful about what goes into our bodies, is a huge step into finding balance and peace. Our automated society has turned mealtime into another task which has caused us to see eating as an inconvenience. As a result, we go for the easiest, most convenient meals. This means we’re usually eating unhealthy food that negatively affect how we feel and perform. Instead, be more aware of what you’re eating. Choose foods that will fuel you, and nurture you. Food that boosts your mood and doesn’t irritate you. With these mindful actions, you’ll find that you’re making strides towards positive living!

The biggest takeaway is that it has never been more important to take care of the machine that is our body. When we intentionally nurture our bodies physically and mentally we’re building a machine that works for us and with us in harmony. So please, take some time and take care of yourself! Practice mindfulness in this digital age.

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