10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Mood

by | Aug 4, 2020

ways to boost your mood

It’s normal to have a bad day. Feeling down, discouraged, or overwhelmed is part of the shared human experience. The next time you are having “one of those days” and want to shift the tide of emotions quickly, here are 10 simple ways to boost your mood. 

Get Outside

Fresh air and sunshine are great ways to boost your mood. The vitamin D in those rays of sun combined with the inhalation of the outdoor air are natural mood enhancers. Move closer to the window to see and feel the sunshine if you’re not able to physically step outside. 

Call a Friend

While texting is easy, voice-to-voice contact is a better way to boost your mood. A positive, upbeat friend is contagious and can impact your mood quickly. Absorbing their energy and/or empathy is enough to turn your day around.   

Drink Water

On average, the human body is about 60% water. Without an adequate supply, your brain isn’t as nourished as it should be and your mood sufferers. Replenishing your body with a glass of water can rejuvenate you and boost your mood quickly. 

Go for a Walk

Taking regular breaks to get up and walk around your home or office is a quick way to boost your mood when you feel it slump. The physical movement and change of environment unlocks creativity and you’re likely to be more productive when you return to your work. 

Practice Gratitude

Keep a journal or app nearby to add an entry of gratitude when you need to boost your mood. Read a previous entry to remind yourself of things you’ve given thanks for in the past. Refocusing on the positive helps to reframe your perspective when you’re feeling down, discouraged, or overwhelmed.  

Do Something Kind

Grabbing coffee at your favorite morning stop? Pay for the person behind you. Tempted to race to the checkout line at the grocery store? Allow someone to go first. These small acts of kindness boost your mood and the mood of the person on the receiving end of your gesture. 

Play Music

Music is another great way to boost your mood. Pick an upbeat favorite and feel the almost instant shift in your attitude. It’s hard to not sing along or move your body in response to a favorite song! Have a mood-buster playlist in rotation and cue it up when for a quick boost. 

Focus on Your Breath

Your body holds the tension when you are stressed, anxious, or worried. Your shoulders, neck, and back absorb your emotions. Sit up tall in your chair, roll and drop your shoulders, and take long deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Bringing awareness to your breath helps your body release pent up emotions and boost your mood. 

Inhale Your Favorite Scent

Candles, essential oils, fresh flowers, or other pleasant scents can also boost your mood. Fragrances invoke emotions and can re-connect us to good memories and thoughts. Choose a specific go-to scent that reminds you of happy times or places and replenish it often. 

Grab a Healthy Snack

Eating isn’t always an ideal response to negative emotions, but the right choices do have benefits. Foods that are high in fat, especially Omega 3s (olives, walnuts, chia and flax seeds, tofu, avocados) are a great source of energy and revitalization for your brain. These foods are good choices to boost your mood. 

Which one resonates with you? Choose one of these 10 tips and tuck it away for the next time you need to boost your mood!

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