The Importance of Staying Social (Even While Social Distancing)
staying social

It’s no doubt that this fall has been different for all students. Each student has been faced with the challenge of redefining what social interaction looks like. Even for students who have had the privilege of being back on campus, things are looking untraditional this year. We’ve seen students get creative in ways to stay social and we’re here to share why that social aspect is so important.

With Thanksgiving approaching, all students are going fully online to limit the spread of COVID19. This means very limited social interaction, at least physically. But why is it so important to stay social even with such a limited interaction? 

Research shows the lack of social interaction increases health risks. These risks range from emotional to physical areas and can negatively impact a students’ health and well being. Humans are social beings, who get stimulation from interacting with others. The motivation to learn, grow, and change all comes from our social circles. For this reason alone, it is key to find a way to stay connected all while learning remotely.

So how do you stay connected during this time?

Group games on the internet

Since social distancing started everyone has gotten very creative on how to stay social. One very popular way is by playing group games on the internet. A very on-trend game right now is among us. If you have not gotten on the trend yet, it’s a fun murder mystery type of game that friends can play in large groups online while video chatting. It’s a fun mind game that can help entertain you while keeping your deductive skills on high alert!

Virtual event

It goes without saying that everyone is collectively exhausted with virtual events, but don’t tap out yet. The really cool thing about this is that now more than ever, everyone has access to a lot more events than they would have before COVID. Accessibility to otherwise exclusive events is at an all-time high. With a simple google search, you can find events that interest you, and more so, you can find a like-minded community to discuss said events with. From creative fashion shows online to really cool career fairs, there’s an event for everyone and a community to engage with!

Netflix party

This one has its downsides but a great way to connect with friends nonetheless. It’s an awesome tool to watch movies with friends and chat in the chatroom as things happen. With so many new shows coming to Netflix this fall, it’s the perfect time to get friends together and connect with each other over some entertainment!

Overall, make it a point to check up on your friends, and reach out for help when needed. Social interaction is what sustains us all, so don’t feel bad about experiencing challenges during this time! For more tips click here!

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