Why is Prenatal Care Important Throughout Pregnancy?
Virginia Morrow

In typical life, going to the doctor is just part of our routines. They make sure we are healthy and don’t require any kind of intervention. At a few key points in life, going to the doctor is especially important. One of those key times is when you are pregnant. Having a baby is an incredibly complex and beautiful process that our human bodies provide, but it doesn’t come without hiccups. Many mothers and fetuses need specialized care during the pregnancy process. That is where prenatal care comes in.

What is prenatal care?

Prenatal care is defined by Women’s Health as the health care you get when pregnant. Any type of doctor’s visit, supplement, or other medical care received counts if it falls within the pregnancy term. Many doctors schedule regular check ups throughout the pregnancy, so that they can continually evaluate the health and safety of the baby. Since pregnancy is such an intricate process, it would only take a small complication to have a bad reaction, so it is best to avoid any risk and follow a doctor’s orders.

Why should people seek out good prenatal care?

Getting good prenatal care is the ultimate investment. The importance of keeping both the mother and child healthy throughout the pregnancy is hard to overstate. Statistically, prenatal care saves lives. Babies who receive prenatal care weigh more and are more likely to survive birth by three and five percent respectively. The health of a baby is completely dependent on the health of the pregnant person, and considering the stakes, prenatal appointments with a doctor and the introduction of a strong wellness routine are worth every bit of effort.

Prenatal care is also an important way to learn about the development of a child. At certain points in the pregnancy, different exercises and foods are more appropriate to benefit the health of the fetus. Doctors at appointments can advise on this, and also take ultrasounds and discover any pre-existing conditions present. This allows parents the opportunity to become educated and prepared to raise a child they understand.

How can I practice prenatal care?

Consulting a doctor, preferably one who specializes in prenatal care and pregnancy, is a sure way to make sure the right steps are taken to support the health of both mother and child throughout the pregnancy term. Maintaining a relationship with a doctor puts health and wellness in practiced hands and de-stresses the pressure of taking care of everything alone for a pregnant person or family.

The key to cultivating a strong body to support the pregnancy is by establishing a strong foundation of health. That starts with immunity. Having strong immunity is a reliable way to set up for success during pregnancy. That way, any sickness or symptoms are reduced, and the body can avoid a long recovery and foster an environment suitable for a child to develop in. Immunity can be bolstered by managing stress and regulating emotions, two major contributing factors to the hormone balance in the body. When a person’s mood is stable and positive, their health measurably increases. Other ways to promote wellness in a simple routine is by sleeping enough and getting quality sleep. This may be impacted by pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness or discomfort, but it is critical to make sure that the quality of sleep does not decline significantly during the pregnancy.

Another good way to establish ongoing health if considering or experiencing pregnancy is by introducing supplements into a routine. There are risks in introducing new substances into the ecosystem of a body, but supplements can ensure that all of the right nutrients are present. All babies need a lot of folic acid, a natural supplement which occurs in some foods, but can be taken separately as a vitamin. This supports brain and spine development as the fetus grows. Babies born in the winter tend to be at a higher risk of developing food allergies, an unexpected side effect of a lack of vitamin D present in the mother during the incubation period. As always, ensure that any supplements are approved by a doctor and certified by a third party, which confirms that the vitamins match all of the routine safety inspections and hold the stated regulated dosage. Overall, supplements are a good way to maintain health and wellness.

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