3 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

by | Sep 30, 2021

boost your immune system

With the flu and pneumonia season rapidly approaching on top of the pandemic, it can be a frightening time for our immune systems. For those who are high risk and for smaller children…we want to remain healthy! Depending on our jobs we can be more prone to getting these illnesses. So what can we do to boost our immune system? Always consult your primary doctor before doing anything, but try these few tips!

Live a Healthy Life 

There’s no doubt about the correlation of a healthy diet and exercise and having good health. This also includes limiting your consumption of caffeine, alcohol, not smoking, and maintaining a healthy weight. Living a healthy lifestyle is not just about diet and exercise but also about managing your stress levels which I will talk about later on. Fixing to keep in mind is keeping track of your macronutrients. Do you know what macronutrients are? Check out this article here to give you a general Introduction and explanation of what they are. Having a well-balanced diet and including superfoods into your diet will help you in your immune system naturally. There are hundreds of supplements that claim to support your immune system; however, a multivitamin and mindful eating will keep your body and mind strong. Avoid fatty, deep fried and fast foods as well during the Fall and Winter months as much as possible! 

Manage Stress 

Harvard Health Publishing reported: “Health problems are one result. A prime example is high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease. The stress response also suppresses the immune system, increasing susceptibility to colds and other illnesses. Moreover, the buildup of stress can contribute to anxiety and depression.” Stress is in no way good for our bodies or our minds. Even though stress is inevitable to avoid, there are ways to reduce it and improve our overall health. WedMD recommends that you exercise, stretch, practice deep breathing, eat well, slow down, take a break, make time for fun and hobbies in your everyday life, talk it out to someone, go easy on yourself, and to try and eliminate your triggers of what is causing your stress. The last one definitely sounds like something that is going to be easier said than done but it is necessary to manage your stress and to remain healthy. 

Sleep More 

Restless nights and late nights binge watching your shows can actually weaken your immune system. In order for our body to heal, we must rest and let it recuperate so it properly functions. With that being said, you need around 7-10 hours per night depending on your age. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, Dr Teal’s Sleep spray has saved me from multiple restless nights. Also, keep in mind that watching TV or using your phone before bed can negatively impact your sleeping habits.

Balanced Life 

Even though these are all things commonly talked about, it’s important to start taking them seriously and practice them. Make them into habits. Start your day off by having a well-rounded meal with a tall glass of water rather than going through the drive-thru. Practice meditation during your break at work or school and be mindful and grateful to reduce stress levels. Last but not least, read a book for 20-30 minutes before bed rather than scrolling on TikTok. Treat your body right so that you can have a sick-free cold season! 

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