Ways to Be Thankful In November
Monica Segeren
ways to be thankful

Somehow…it’s November and Thanksgiving is right around the corner! 2021 flew by and we are headed toward the chaos of Black Friday and the holidays, so let us use November to slow down. What are some ways we can be thankful this month? I have compiled a list going from small and little things to do every day to larger projects to complete if you are able to! 

The Little Things In Life 

Whether you have kids or not, this is an amazing craft to do by yourself or with your family. You can find the stencils for this project here and do a leaf every week! This is a great way to take five minutes out of your day to sit down with your family or friends to appreciate the little things. If you are not quite into crafts, start a group chat with some friends! Spread some positivity and humor in your day by asking them something good that happened that day or week. Keep in mind that the holidays are lonely for some people and reaching out can do amazing things. Some other ideas are: journaling, saying one thing aloud that you are thankful for before bed, or sending someone a thank you card just because! 

Some Bigger Ideas 

Do you host Sunday football games, parties, or events at your home? Host a food drive for your local food pantry at your next event to give back to your community. A great way to be thankful is to be appreciative of your home and the food in your fridge. If you are a manager, I encourage you to do this in your workplace as well! Either have a donation box outside of your office or donate money directly to where your job is located. This is also a great way to spread awareness about your company and give back. 

Projects and Team Building 

Thanksgiving and the holiday season is an extremely busy time for food pantries and shelters. With the pandemic, a lot of families have been impacted by health issues, debt, and financial stress. That being said, the pantries and shelters are helping more people than ever before. Due to the pandemic, nonprofits have lost a lot of volunteers. Use this time to help out your local community as a family, group of friends, or even individually. If you’re in a frat or sorority this is also a great idea to team build and create lasting relationships. Whether you go there weekly, biweekly or even just one time to help with a big project—they will appreciate every bit of help they can get. There are a ton of nonprofits out there ranging from building homes to animal shelters to the Boys and Girls Club. There is something for everyone and giving back to those in need is something that you can be thankful for doing. Helping others and togetherness is what the holiday should be about. 

Big or Small, Be Thankful 

We covered in another article the science of gratitude, but use this time to be thankful. Be thankful for your home, for your family, for your friends, for school, for work, for another day of life. Spread kindness and always remember to be a better you! 

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