Time Management Tips for College Students

by | Oct 28, 2021

time management tips

College can be…unpredictable right now to say the least. Regardless if you are going to school in-person or attending online school, time management can be hard to grasp. Life, work, and the school load can be overwhelming to all handle at once, but you do not have to burn yourself out. For someone who went through six years of schooling, I have learned from my mistakes of procrastinating my term papers and have learned some helpful skills to share! 

Buy a Planner…now! 

Whether it is digital or a hard copy, buy yourself a planner. There is a planner for everyone and ones to fit each of your needs. I covered in a previous article three different planners that are great for the workplace, but can also be used for schooling as well. However, Erin Condren does make custom academic planners. I actually used Erin Condren planners throughout my entire schooling journey and recommend them to anyone that has a hectic school schedule. Everything is customizable and tailored to your individual needs! A planner will help with organizing your daily tasks and to ensure that you do not miss any important deadlines. 

Set a Time Everyday Dedicated to School 

If you have a half hour break between classes that you don’t have to walk halfway across campus for, use that time to sit somewhere secluded to study. When you get home from work, school, or whatever activities you participate in, set a time before heading to bed to work on your homework, projects, term papers, or studying for tests. Make it a habit rather than telling yourself that you will do it when you have the free time. Once you get to midterm season, free time can seem less and less likely due to extracurricular activities, holidays, and hanging out with your friends. 

Schedule Your Days at School 

Branching off of setting a time to study every day, try to schedule your days in advance. It does not have to be exact but before you start your day—have a routine added to your morning. You can check out on the go breakfast ideas here! You can either set an outline or a detailed itinerary depending on your needs. Do your best to set your day up for success and remember to allow fun into your schedule as well! 

Meal Prep 

This is definitely something that would be difficult if you lived in a dorm with just a microwave, but for those who stay in an apartment, sorority, or your own place—meal prep. Pack your lunch for class the night before, pack snacks in your backpack, buy a reusable water bottle, and try to budget and fix your meals ahead of time. This saved me so much stress. I would wake up late and scramble to eat breakfast and shove random things in my bag that didn’t make any sense. I realized I had to do something. I started making things for 3 days in advance and if class got canceled, I would take my meal to work. Even though this does not directly affect school, eating a healthy diet is important for thinking straight. 

Put Yourself First 

You are doing a great thing by continuing your education and following your dreams. There is so much to do in so little time when it comes to your classes but you got this. Getting my degree was one of the most challenging parts of my life and I do not regret a minute of it. There were times when people told me to just quit and give up, but I did not listen. Don’t listen to the negative and keep achieving and following your dreams. Everyone here at BetterYou is rooting for you! 

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