Healthy Mindset Shifts for College Students
healthy mindset shifts

College can be mentally taxing for most of us. Between working, home life, the load of classes, extracurricular activities, and so on—mental health can start to become an issue. There was a survey recently taken in 2020 at Boston University and mental health and it showed: “83 percent of students said their mental health had negatively impacted their academic performance within the past month, and that two-thirds of college students are struggling with loneliness and feeling isolated — an all-time high prevalence that reflects the toll of the pandemic and the social distancing necessary to control it.” With that being said, as college students it is vital to have a healthy mindset shifts to help you through the year. 

All-Nighters Are Self Sabotage

We have all been there, at 4:30 in the morning realizing that that paper could have been finished two days ago if you didn’t procrastinate. Or maybe you went out to party on a Sunday night before your Monday morning class. You need to set yourself a schedule, work on huge projects for a little each day and realize that you need your sleep. Your physical and mental health is so important to stay on top of when you are attending school so do not self-sabotage. Plan your days in advance, get your work done early and make sure you get at least 7 to 8 hours a night. 

You Don’t Have to Graduate in 4 Years 

Just because it is called a four year school, does not mean you have to finish in four years. You can take a step back, you can go part-time, you can drop that class that is destroying your mental health, you can make a decision that’s best for you—even if it pushes back your graduation date. You are not defined by how many years it takes for you to get your degree. 

Take Time When You Need It 

Sometimes you need to take a break. Whether it is using a sick day for work or taking the day off from school—do what is best for you and your mind. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and overstimulating to leave your house and that is okay! You can take the time off when you need it as long as you stay within your requirements. 

Eat Healthy and for Your Mind 

Eating healthy isn’t always affordable, especially when a packet of ramen is less than a dollar while a salad can be around five or more dollars. However, get couponing! Depending on your grocery store chain, most of them have apps where they have coupons for food. If you have an Acme, they have gone as far as giving free food. Look out for produce sales, lean meats, and nuts. All of these are great for your mind and overall health. Rather than spending twenty dollars on a pizza, go to the grocery store instead and fuel your body rather than feed it. 

Speak Out Instead of Freak Out 

If you live with another person, it can be a huge adjustment. Depending on how they are, they could leave dirty dishes in the sink constantly or leave trash around your dorm…so on. Instead of freaking out and blowing up due to the situation, talk it out. Do not add extra drama to yourself during these times, it can make it a lot worse. 

Focus on You 

College is something that is meant to be seen as an achievement and not as a burden. Live your life the best way that you see fit. If you feel like you need to take a semester off, do it. If you feel like your major isn’t right for you, change it. If you feel like the college isn’t right for you, transfer. Focus on you. Do what is best for you. I hope these healthy mindset changes for college students will help you in some way. Stay well, stay you. 

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