Rewards At Work
Monica Segeren
rewards at work

Just like health and wellness perks, rewards and incentives are also an important factor when it comes to our jobs. Employees want to feel recognized and given adequate rewards for the amount of work they do each day. Without this, it can be hard to keep employee satisfaction and you can end up with a high turnover rate for the company. Rewards can range anywhere from a company-wide catered lunch, gift cards, books, to free vacations and paid sabbaticals. Let’s take a look at what different companies have offered as rewards to their employees. 

Off-Site Employee Activities 

Depending on the size of your company and location, off-site employee activities can range anywhere from a retreat, rock climbing, or an escape room. These activities are primarily used for team building and strengthening connections outside of work in order to improve employee satisfaction as well. When I worked at Wawa, we would volunteer to make hoagies for the homeless in Philadelphia, haunted hayrides in October, and an escape room. They tried their best to do three activities a year. It truly depended on our staff size and whether or not we could find coverage. 

Reloadable Gift Cards 

I found this reward option through all of the companies that provide the gift cards to the company such as Prepaid USA and why you should use them as incentive for your employees. These can be used in a number of ways: additional safety training completion, going above and beyond at work, birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays and so on! This reward is a different approach to reward your employee outside of the company standard of a bonus. If your company doesn’t offer bonuses, this is a great way to start additional rewards at work. 

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Free Online Learning 

JP Morgan and offer companies offer free online classes whether it’s through a university or a community online academy with live classes. This specific one that they offer at their company offers classes for their kids as well! This is a great thing to see at a company when it comes to work and home life involvement and acknowledging life outside of the workplace. They offer wellness and thought leader classes as well! 

Discounts Galore

Amazon offers something to all of their employees and that’s a discount on their website! If you’re someone who is addicted to online shopping, this would save a lot of money! Gap offers 50% their purchases while Petsmart offers 15% their purchases. GoPro is also another highly rated company offering 50% off their products. Chipotle also provides employees with a free meal and 50% when they aren’t working! 

Every Company is Different 

The most common trend to the reward programs with companies are primarily based around money and discounts. Everyone wants extra money but team building should also be very important to build a reward system at work. Not all companies can afford the retreats or fancy team building exercises but there are other rewards to offer. Some examples include: Sunday Football potluck, crafting in the break room, renting a food truck for the team, and more! There are always more ways to include everyone to socialize and strengthen your team within. What company do you like that has rewards you wish your company offered? Let us know! 

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