Strategies to Beat Employee Burnout
Heidi Zwart
employee burnout

Stress in the workplace is more common than ever as the pandemic continues to take a toll on employees across the world. Every employee at every level of every organization is experiencing the impact in one way or another. If you’re in a leadership position you may feel the burden of caring for and helping your team through this challenging new world. Adopting new strategies to beat employee burnout is critical to the wellbeing of your people and your organization. 

Be empathetic

One of the most impactful strategies to beat employee burnout is to be empathetic with those you lead. For some, empathy comes naturally while others may have to build this important leadership skill. Verywell Mind describes empathy as the ability to emotionally understand what other people feel, see things from their point of view, and imagine yourself in their place. Start by asking good questions about what your team member is feeling and experiencing. Listen well. Be slow to offer advice and quick to make sure they know you care. When employees feel heard, understood, and appreciated, they are less likely to show signs of burnout

Be an example

Sometimes employees aren’t willing to be transparent with their manager because they believe (often falsely) that their manager can’t relate to struggles they are having personally or professionally. Being relatable and appropriately vulnerable is another of the effective strategies to beat employee burnout. When managers share their own challenges with work/life balance along with their own successes and failures, they help manage employee burnout by building trust, confidence, and social wellbeing with their team.  

Be a resource

While managers don’t have to know all the answers, they should be prepared to point their team members in the right direction when their employees need help. Know what services your organization offers to assist employees with their individual challenges, whether it’s help through your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or employee wellness program. The need for mental health services are on the rise for organizations across the world, so including mental health support as an employee benefit is another of the increasingly important strategies to beat employee burnout and reduce turnover. 

Be a communicator

Prioritize good communication within your team. Teaching your team to ask good questions, listen well, and practice open communication is crucial to successfully leading in a hybrid workplace. Check in during the week to see how your team is doing, whether it’s 5 minutes at the water cooler or a quick call to a team member. Having a dedicated focus on strong two-way communication and feedback is another of the critical strategies to beat employee burnout and is an equally important factor of employee retention

If you’re a manager in search of strategies to beat employee burnout, consider downloading this guide from Lyra Health for more support. 

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