Productivity at Work: How to Inspire Teams and Go Beyond Numbers

by | Nov 28, 2022

productivity at work

The performance of employees has always been one of the essential factors for a company’s success. For a long time, organizations considered it necessary to produce as much as possible, increasing the number of employees. But how do you measure productivity at work?

After realizing that productivity at work could not be measured only by numbers, companies began to include human capital as a key element to achieve success. Many management began to transform, and the humanization of work increased the focus on people and their well-being.

The Human Resources area has modern tools capable of measuring employee performance. Thus, it is possible to solve problems analytically. 

Work Productivity and Efficiency

Some companies, thinking of increasing profits and spending less on labor, increase professionals’ workloads. This method only increases production, and costs remain the same, making employees more worn out.

Did you know that companies like Google, Netflix, and Apple are 40% more productive than their competitors? A survey by Bain & Company, published by the technology magazine Fast Company, clearly points this out.

For maintaining high productivity at work, a common point between these giants is the organizational culture focused on innovation. When the company establishes priorities, eliminates unnecessary processes, and demonstrates trust in the team, it obtains better results.

Finally, it is important to be clear that productivity and efficiency are not synonymous:

  • Efficiency: fits the issue of “doing the same with less.”
  • Productivity: is doing “more with the same”

Many managers may believe that their companies are productive when they are efficient.

Inspiring Leadership and Productivity at Work?

Perhaps you have already carried out several internal marketing campaigns and promoted awareness actions with employees, and nothing has increased the team’s productivity. Evaluating your company’s leaders might be the next step to carry out.

A committed employee is 44% more productive than a satisfied professional, and if employees feel inspired by their leaders, their performance can be 125% higher than just satisfied colleagues. It means that companies must inspire their employees to achieve the best results.

Also, according to Fast Company, at Dell, sales teams led by inspiring professionals are 6% more productive than teams with an average leader. It may seem small, but that small percentage represents revenue of 1 billion dollars.

There are situations where people with inspirational leadership potential are placed in roles that limit their performance. A study published by the Harvard Business Review states that an inspired staff can have an output of as many as 2.25 satisfied employees.

Companies that invest in human development help employees find pleasure in their work. After all, people who are fulfilled at work are more inspiring and achieve higher productivity.  

5 Tips to Improve HR Productivity

The human Resource team needs to reinvent itself, give managers more autonomy, make activities more agile and promote productivity at work.

Check out the following 5 tips to improve productivity in the Human Resources area:

1. Offer Training and Workshops

You have to understand that investing in training is investing in your business. It makes professionals more qualified and able to solve tasks more efficiently.

Employees who receive these certifications tend to value the company more because they understand that they are also being valued by it. It is an investment that yields high returns.

2. Provide Ongoing Feedback

Providing good feedback to employees is essential for business growth. Through this resource, it is possible to evaluate the points that need improvement in each professional’s routine. They also promote the alignment of ideas between the company and employees.

One of the advantages of feedback as an ongoing practice is to bring managers and team leaders together. It creates a beneficial connection to the business, improving work productivity.

3. Give Opportunity For Growth

A career plan and salary are good ideas, so employees know ​​how far they can go. It also stimulates them to perform well and contribute to the business.

Those who do not have goals and aspirations can be satisfied with what they already have and not seek to evolve. Offering growth opportunities and enhancing a professional career path is important for all employees.

4. Create a Pleasant Environment

Working in a pleasant environment, where people respect each other, can contribute to the performance of employees. Ideally, they feel free to deliver results at any cost.

The pleasant environment ranges from leadership to the relationship between professionals. And it can impact productivity at work by reducing both physical and emotional stress.

5. Provide Adequate Infrastructure

It is much more difficult to be productive while relying on old tools and outdated systems. This is valid for any area and company. So, it is necessary to invest in what is best for professionals to be more productive.

The work environment needs to be adequate, which involves the company’s physical space and the items the employee uses daily. 

There you have it; we hope this article inspires your team to be more productive and achieve goals efficiently. 

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