New Year’s Resolution Ideas for the Workplace
Monica Segeren
new year resolution

Many of us make one or a few New Year’s Resolutions to help build a clean slate for each new year. But what about the company that we work for? What are some good ideas for employers to utilize as a resolution to start off the new year positive and to reflect on the company? What are ways to grow in your company? Here are some New Year’s resolution ideas for the workplace!

Start a Blog

Here at BetterYou, we have a resources page to provide information to students and working class individuals to reflect what our app is. If your company does not have a blog, you’re losing out on a lot of potential web traffic. Customers and investors want to feel welcomed into your website—not steered away. You can also incorporate SEO keywords in your blogs so it increases traffic to the website. 

Focus On Wellness 

Make health and wellness a priority within your company. Make sure to incorporate mental, physical and emotional health and even incorporate holistic wellness. Provide free wellness checks, surveys, seminars, group sessions and so on so your employees are well taken care of. Try and achieve an overall employee satisfaction of 85%! Make a goal to go out once a month to do a team building exercise or to socialize with your team. 

Set a Unique Goal for What You Are Selling 

Say that you are selling bath bombs on a website that you created. Make a goal to sell to three new states this year! If you are an app developer, have a set goal for the amount of downloads that you want to have each month. If you are a company that is based on sales–instead of focusing on the amount of sales, focus on your relationship with the clients. Set a goal that you normally would not set for you and your company and go above and beyond your own expectations! Whatever you and your company decide to do, make it a memorable year. What are some New Year’s resolutions ideas you have for the workplace? Let us know!

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