Helping Remote Employees Feel Connected

by | Aug 8, 2022

Helping Remote Employees Feel Connected

Human Resources managers are increasingly concerned with employee connectivity. It is easy to understand that a committed employee is a productive employee, while an employee who doesn’t feel connected is a high annual cost for the company.

But how do you encourage employees’ commitment by ensuring that employees feel connected? Take note of the following tips;

1. Recognize the Performance of Your Workers

Understandably, commitment reduces when you never get positive feedback for achievements, no matter how little. Recognizing a job well done is an easy way to keep your employees connected, motivated, and committed to the cause.

2. Get it Right From The Start 

That is where it all begins, to inculcate a welcome program for new workers. That moment is an excellent opportunity for them to meet other employees, learn more about the company and get committed from the beginning. It creates a beautiful bond right from the start. 

3. Be an Active Listener

Establish communication channels through which employees can give their feedback. Show them that you care about their opinion. This will increase their level of commitment. Listen to their complaints, but also their ideas. Please pay attention to the contributions of all employees without being biased about their level. They might have a brilliant idea that takes your company to a new level.

4. Promote Internal Development 

One of the main complaints of many employees is the lack of opportunities for professional growth within the company. This problem might make some remote employees feel disconnected from the team or company. Design internal development plans. Invest in training and make your company a place where one can grow professionally.

5. Offer Social Benefits 

Salary or social benefits are two essential factors ensuring company commitment. Offer your workers an adequate salary for their tasks and establish a social benefits program. 

Emotional salary is gaining importance, and it is beneficial for companies to implement it. It improves employees’ connectedness, commitment, and happiness.

Benefits of Having Connected Remote Employees

Employee engagement is (or should be) a top concern for any company. Many companies realize that they must have happy and engaged employees to keep their customers happy.

Here are the main benefits of having a team of workers committed to your company and your cause:

Greater Job Satisfaction

That employees are satisfied with their jobs is critical for any company. The lack of satisfaction results in a significant loss of enthusiasm and motivation that will drain the company’s time and money.

On the contrary, when employees are satisfied, they feel a greater connection with the company and increase their productivity, which reverts to benefits for the company and customers.

Higher Retention and Lower Turnover

Committed employees will not abandon ship just like that. The personnel selection processes, plus having to train a new person, poses a cost for the company in terms of money and time. Keeping employees connected will help you lower your turnover rate and avoid these costs.

Increased Productivity 

Engaged employees work faster and harder because they love what they do. When you care about what you do, you are more likely to do it well. In addition, when employees are committed and feel valued by their workplace, they have a greater sense of responsibility and put their best effort into the company’s service.

Greater Profitability

When employees are engaged, they work harder, and when they work harder, they produce higher quality work, which ultimately results in a happy customer. Happy customers return and also recommend your company to other people. As you can see, a simple way to increase your company’s profitability.

Lower Absenteeism

Engaged and connected employees don’t miss work. They wake up happy and ready to work every day and therefore have no problem being absent.

Increased Loyalty

One of the most significant benefits of having engaged employees is that they are loyal and great ambassadors. Remember, the image of a company starts from within.


Virtual working is the modern-day trend of companies greatly enhanced by the pandemic. The surge of this work pattern has made some HR, managers, or business owners lose necessary talent or their workplace due to unconnectedness. 

We have explained the tips and benefits of employee connectivity in the workplace, and we hope you find them valuable.

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