Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction and Performance

by | Oct 12, 2021

employee satisfaction

There is nothing worse than dealing with an unhappy workplace and unsatisfied coworkers who have no desire to work and do their best day in and day out. It is the company’s responsibility as a whole to improve employee satisfaction and performance to keep the flow and happiness going. If the employees do not express how they feel in a workplace to management, it can be difficult to keep employees happy if they do not see the root of the issue. It is then up to management to determine how to troubleshoot the issue and make it better for the employees. However, there are other factors to improve employee satisfaction and performance! 

Proper Communication 

With any workplace, proper communication is vital in order to keep happy and mentally healthy employees. If you are sending last minute deadlines, work or meetings without getting proper notice…it can be frustrating for your employees. If you convey clear and conscientious messages to your employees, it creates a smoother, less stressful work environment. Also, it is important to remember as managers and supervisors that life can be unpredictable and employees cannot be readily available 24/7–especially with children. 

Create a Safe and Fun Workplace 

Another great way to keep employees happy is to keep their safety and happiness at the same level. If you’re working in an unsafe work environment, your mental health can take a huge dive for the worst. The same applies if you work in a boring and uncultured work environment. If your employer does not understand the importance of wellness activities and life outside of the daily tasks, it can be difficult to stay in that work environment for 5+ years. Have weekly competitions, look up different health and wellness activities, offer employees to win prizes if they achieve their goals, offer free and discounted trips to do activities outside of work, and safety training classes. 

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Have Your Employees’ Voices Heard 

As I mentioned before, if your employees’ voices are not heard and not met then your turnover rate will be high. If an issue is brought up to you in confidence that you do not resolve the situation that is a huge red flag. It is important to take all of your employees’ issues seriously despite the fact if you think it is not a serious issue. If your employee suggests that they want to do something for a culture event and you simply ignore them and their culture—do not be surprised if they quit. Your employees’ voices are more important than you think, they are the backbone of your company and the voice that refers your company to other people. If your employee is having a negative impact on your company and the management has done nothing to improve it, it can have a huge impact depending on the size of the company. Set up an anonymous box for those employees who are not comfortable talking to you directly. You can also set up a survey with anonymous feedback! 

Offer Ways to Grow 

Not everyone, but a lot of individuals want to grow within the company and move up to be leaders. Offer stepping stones to becoming management or trainers in order to grow with the company and not remain stagnant. Offer training classes on the side or one on one meetings to discuss setting up a personal work growth chart to determine where he/she wants to go in the company. Take the time to get to know your employees and their desires in your company so that they can help it grow! As far as personal growth you can offer a book club, fitness club, or stock investment club. This could be another great opportunity to do a survey to see what the majority is interested in. 

Celebrate Your Employees 

Make sure you take note of your employees’ birthdays, work anniversaries, and special events that they might want acknowledged at work. Even if it is a card including a thank you with a gift card, it is important for your employee to feel seen and celebrated. If you do not feel like doing it for each individual person, set up a monthly birthday celebration with your staff which includes a catered lunch for those who celebrate in that month. 

Create a Company to Be Proud to Work At 

It can be easier said than done, especially after suffering a time during the pandemic where people were out of the office for a long time. However, do not let that stop you from having good levels of employee satisfaction and performance. Not every company is perfect and there are more ways that we can do better as both employee and employer—we just need to find the best thing for the people and the company. Create a space you would be proud to look back on ten years from now, not wondering what you wish you could have done better. 

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