Emotions During the Holidays

by | Nov 11, 2021

emotions during the holidays

The holidays are upon us. For some, this is a season of happiness and joy, while others struggle to navigate the landslide of emotions the holidays trigger. Your emotions during the holidays may fluctuate unpredictably between the highs and lows. Knowing how to prioritize your emotional wellness this season will help you emerge with better wellbeing in the new year. 

Choose your people wisely

Stay connected to people you love and who love you back to better navigate your emotions during the holidays. Life-giving people will restore and rejuvenate you during the often fast-paced season. Limit your time with toxic people. Notice who zaps your energy and drains you emotionally. If you are in situations where they cannot be avoided (or they live with you) offset their negativity with plenty of time with others who refuel your tank. 

Set good boundaries

Practice saying “no.” Holiday parties, social gatherings, and other festivities can wreak havoc on your emotions during the holidays. It’s okay to decline invitations. Choose the people, causes, or events and say a hearty “yes” to those things. You will appreciate the gatherings more fully when they are carefully selected and moderately paced.  

Practice stress-reduction

Yoga, meditation, and prayer all lead to better emotions during the holidays. Stress is kept in check when you make these practices and other stress management techniques part of your daily life. Commit to trying one or two from now through the end of the year. Notice when the stress, anxiety, or depression is creeping in and take a time-out to attend to your emotional world. 

Simplify your life

Take time to simplify your life and prioritize your emotional wellness during a hectic holiday season. Stick to a basic interchangeable wardrobe, standardize your breakfast or lunch, and keep your desk clutter-free. Throw out junk mail when it arrives, discard emails, and make a trip to Goodwill or other charity with unneeded items in your home. Living simply will create more margin, time, and energy for the things that matter most.

Get good sleep   

Good sleep supports your physical and emotional health. Make sure to head to bed at a reasonable time and move your bedtime up to restore your body after a busy day. Aim for 7 hours of sleep if you can and practice good sleep hygiene. Consider using essential oils to help you sleep better to support your fluctuating emotions during the holidays. 

Enjoy traditions

Holiday traditions provide stability and help reduce stress during an often chaotic time. Revel in some of your favorites or consider starting new traditions if old ones no longer support your emotional wellbeing or if you are in a time of transition. If you are able to reunite with loved ones this year, your traditions may feel especially uplifting and joy-filled. 

Managing the ups and downs of your emotions during the holidays is possible with the help of some of the tips we’ve shared. Choose one or two that are most relevant to you and put them into practice today!

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