Eating Healthy in the Workplace
Monica Segeren
eating healthy in the workplace

You are in the break room to put your packed lunch away and you see two dozen donuts making eye contact with you; however, you promised yourself that you would start eating healthier. Luckily, you win this round but at lunch your boss orders pizza for a coworker’s birthday. You forget the lunch that you packed and grab a couple of slices. While there is nothing wrong with having that donut or slice of birthday cake, eating healthy In the workplace can be an overall challenge in general when you’re trying to create long-term habits. 

Pack Your Meals and Extra Snacks 

The first step to eating healthy in the workplace is to pack your meals and have a section in your desk where you have extra “treats” so when you are tempted to go get a second donut, you can have a healthy alternative instead. Meal prepping is the ultimate way to start this habit and can also save a lot of money in the long run. Take out at the office can truly add up if you are not watching your budget. Also, when it comes to having extra snacks, offer yourself a variety of tastes. Have something sweet, salty, sour, and spicy so you have something for every mood your cravings can find. 

Offer Alternatives 

If your work constantly has pizza parties for birthdays, maybe offer a healthier alternative to be ordered like a vegetable tray or hummus platter to share. If there’s a fridge in your office, you can also keep party trays of fruit, vegetables and other healthy snacks to help yourself and others when they want to participate in eating healthy in the workplace. 

Keep a Water Bottle With You 

If you have not purchased a reusable water bottle already, I highly suggest one to keep with you at work and at home. Not only are you reducing waste, but you are also curbing unhealthy cravings. Garcia Weight Loss Center wrote an article regarding reasons why you would have unhealthy food cravings and the first reason is dehydration. They said: “Lack of fluid intake interferes with your body’s ability to properly metabolize glycogen for energy. Glycogen is the converted form of glucose stored by the muscles and liver. Without enough glycogen, your body will crave sugar for an energy boost.” Drinking water is so important to staying on track! If you struggle with drinking water, you can add fresh fruit, lemon, or even try zero-sugar sparkling water.

You Got This! 

Eating healthy in the workplace is completely possible if you set your mind to it. Also, remember it is okay to treat yourself! You do not have to deny yourself treats because it can cause you to regress in the long run. Having a small portion of your favorite treat foods here and there prevents binges because you realize that you can have these foods when you want them in moderation. Remember that it takes small changes to make a big impact and the rest will follow. You do not have to change everything overnight and it won’t be a perfect journey but it is especially important to eat healthy if you work a sedentary job. We are here for your healthy choices at BetterYou! 

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