Benefits of Waking Up Early
Daniella Okorobie
benefits of waking up early

We’ve all experienced those hectic weeks, right? To alleviate that stress of everyday life, you have to make an extra effort to get up early, so you don’t have to run to make breakfast for your children or connect to a meeting late.

Remember that when the clock is against you, and you also have heavy work or family responsibilities, you may forget important things like a special date or work deliverables. Surely if you wake up a little earlier, you will have time to handle your daily tasks with relative ease and stay organized. 

Below are some of the critical benefits of waking up early: 

Waking Up Early Prevents Depression

Health! Getting up on time is healthy; it is a habit thats necessary for your overall well-being. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, epidemiological studies have indicated that insomnia in non-depressed people is a risk factor for the later development of depression. 

“Approximately 3/4 of depressed patients have symptoms of insomnia, and hypersomnia (excessive daytime sleepiness) is present in about 40% of depressed young adults and 10% of older patients.” NCBI.

Considering the above, more effective management of sleep disturbance is necessary. Of course, you will have to force your body to abandon those rich blankets in the first few days. However,  little by little, knowing why you wake up early will become one of your healthy habits. 

Remember, sleeping properly and waking up early improve quality of life and prevent relapse in patients who have suffered from depression. 

Early Waking Improves Sleep Quality

Has it happened to you that you wake up and feel like you just went to bed? Yes, we are talking about being physically and mentally tired, which makes us need to sleep a little more. 

Those mornings when the alarm clock rings many times, we know we have to get up, but we can’t. Well, you’re right to feel that way; you definitely didn’t get all the rest that his body required. 

Avoiding tiredness when you wake up is as easy as going to bed early. If you do, you will reduce those sleepless nights in which you wake up often or can only stay asleep until well into the morning. 

Studies show that getting up early is associated with a longer weekly duration of sleep—a better subjective quality of sleep. 

It Enhances Academic and Work Productivity 

Here comes a big revelation, studies show that people who peak productively in the morning are in the best position for career success. 

What is this? According to research, these people are more proactive than those who have their best time at night. We know talented professionals prefer the night to be productive. Still, this is the result of this analysis by a renowned university.

Waking Up Very Early Makes People Organized 

By getting up early, you can distribute your time better: exercise, meditate or take advantage of that extra time you have created. Maybe you enjoy your morning time listening to the news on the radio, writing or painting. 

Of course, getting up early to stay in bed scrolling through social networks doesn’t make much sense. Ideally, you use that time to do an activity you like and contribute to your daily productivity.

If you know how to take advantage of it, that extra time can be very productive because there are no interruptions. The deliverable that may take you two hours to complete during a workday, you may be able to do in half the time. 

There are many benefits of waking up early, but these mentioned aspects are the most crucial. Cultivate this habit and watch your life improve productively!

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