Benefits of Meditation in the Workplace

by | Oct 7, 2020

benefits of meditation in the workplace

Career wellbeing is an often underestimated factor in the overall wellbeing of people in work and life. The majority of waking life is spent working, so the quality of this experience has a tremendous impact on your physical, mental, and emotional health. Practices like meditation in the workplace can support employers and employees alike. There are many documented benefits of meditation in the workplace. Forbes recently published a list of six proven benefits, including:

  1. Reduction of prejudice
  2. Improved cognition
  3. Stress and burnout reduction
  4. Improved collaboration
  5. Stronger memory
  6. Curbing emotional reactions

Reduction of Prejudice

As the world navigates racial tension and issues of injustice, the need for empathy and compassion is high. There is a strong correlation between meditation and improved levels of social connection. When an organization adopts meditation in the workplace, the potential outcome is greater understanding and acceptance of diversity among people. Empathy and compassion grow.

Improved Cognition

Meditation takes practice. And one outcome is better cognitive focus, short term and long-term. The everyday world constantly demands attention to multiple things at once. As you become more adept at blocking out those distractions through regular meditation in the workplace (an often chaotic place), you are better able to solve problems creatively and effectively with more singular focus.  

Stress and Burnout Reduction

According to the Pew Research Center, one-third of Americans have reported higher stress levels during the coronavirus outbreak. Whether the pandemic is directly to blame or not, psychological stress is high. Meditation in the workplace helps counteract stress. Focused breathing, even for a short period of time, can reduce cortisol levels and provide almost immediate relief from stress. 

Improved Collaboration

Social connection is more challenging in our socially distanced world. Participating in group mediation in the workplace is one way to re-engage in connection with one another. Whether your employees are in shared office space or working remotely, this group experience has the potential to strengthen bonds between one another for improved collaboration. 

Stronger Memory

Similar to improved cognition, stronger memory is also correlated with meditation practice. So, as you “exercise” your brain through the discipline of meditation, you sharpen your recall and free your mind to make and keep new memories. You sharpen your attention to life around you through meditation in the workplace and at home.

Curbing Emotional Reactions

A quick scan of the news, a scroll through social media, or a conversation with a co-worker can trigger a strong emotional reaction very quickly. When stress and anxiety is high, it’s difficult to have command over emotions. Therefore, you’re more likely to react to a small trigger. Meditation in the workplace defuses these instinctive reactions by reducing stress and refocusing on more positive, peaceful emotions. 

In conclusion, the benefits of meditation in the workplace are proven and include many positive benefits for employees and employers alike. Now is the perfect time to implement mediation in your workplace and in your home to experience the benefits for yourself!

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